The reason for married men use sex doll

A stand-in companion for men with empty beds. She lay quietly on a narrow bed, greeting potential customers with an impassive stare and a disproportionately buxom form. Named for her height, she is a high-quality sex doll made of thermoplastic elastomer, a rubbery material softer than silicone, with adjustable hands, a removable head and genitals, and available from specialist shops for around US$2,500. If a married man refuses to see prostitutes and uses a sex doll instead, isn’t it admirable?

Want to know, real doll just like real size of women, after all, it is modeled on the proportion of reality, which is produced according to the different interests, we can make the doll is quite small, or more sexy. In a nutshell, is certainly can find a suitable for their realistic sex dolls, and basically in the face of some dolls are using soft silica gel, or is made of synthetic resin, so it’s skin feels like real skin elastic.

real doll

One hundred percent of men desire complete freedom in their sex lives. They don’t want a woman to tell him what to do. They just want a woman to cooperate with him wholeheartedly and let a man be a complete challenger in bed. The stronger the desire to conquer men, the less they want to be challenged by others for authority. The real doll can just play the female role, without any resistance, 100 percent obey the arrangement.