Is it difficult to climax after giving birth?

After giving birth, it is difficult to experience orgasm. What’s wrong?

With the increase of age, the intensity of orgasm is getting worse. Is there any way to improve it?

The strength of orgasm depends not only on how much energy was accumulated before the orgasm, how excited the body is, and how much blood and oxygen reach the clitoris; and the strength of the pelvic floor muscles directly affects the orgasm response, especially the PC muscle.

As you age, the muscles of your pelvic floor muscle groups will relax~ Just like people who have not exercised, their arms and belly will be loose and loose! When we were a virgin, our vagina might be so tight that even a tampon could get hurt. But due to the pulling caused by long-term sex, the vagina will gradually relax. Especially after the production, the muscles in the vagina are out of expansion for a long time, causing the muscles to lose their elasticity, thereby sagging.
Many girls who often have sex or have finished childbirth do not feel the stimulation of the penis due to the relaxation of the vagina during sex. Not only is it difficult for girls to reach orgasm, but boys will also not be happy. Vaginal relaxation and urinary leakage are the precursors of pelvic floor muscle relaxation! Moreover, vaginal relaxation can cause a series of problems, such as prolapse of organs, difficulty in delivery, stress urinary incontinence, and decreased quality of sexual life. Slowly, the quality of sexual life will decline, and various emotional problems between the two people will slowly surface with the decline of the happiness index of sexual life, and then they will start a war with Xiaoshan.

Is there any way to improve vaginal relaxation and improve the quality of sexual life?

Try Kegel exercises, which can make your pelvic floor muscles more elastic, improve muscle contraction, and increase orgasm intensity~

Kegel Movement:

  1. Stand with your hands crossed on your shoulders, your toes at ninety degrees, the inside of your heels should be the same width as your armpits, and tighten firmly. Hold for five seconds, then relax. Repeat this action more than twenty times.
  2. Simple pelvic floor muscle exercise can be carried out from time to time, according to the law of contraction for five seconds and release seconds, it can be performed when walking, riding, or working.

The second stage is to train yourself effectively every day:

  1. Lie flat and bend your knees.
  2. The muscles that contract the buttocks lift the anus upward.
  3. Close the urethra, vagina, and anus (they are supported by the pelvic floor muscles at the same time). At this time, you feel the urgency, but you can’t go to the toilet and need to close the urine.
  4. Imagine that you use the vagina to attract something, such as a stuffing or penis. Imagine starting from the entrance of the vagina, then gradually rising along with the vagina, and supporting for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times as a group, more than 3 groups per day, and gradually increase to 25 times as a group. You can also insert your finger into the vagina to check the effectiveness of this process.
  5. Make the vagina drop like pushing something out of the vagina. Wait for 3 seconds to relax, repeat 10 times as a group, more than 3 groups per day, and gradually increase to 25 times per group.
  6. Keep the pelvic floor muscles contract for five seconds, and then slowly relax. After five to ten seconds, repeat the contraction.
  7. Throughout the exercise, breathe as usual and keep the rest of the body relaxed. You can touch your abdomen with your hands. If your abdomen is deflated, the muscles you are moving are wrong.

After the exercise, the sensitivity and excitement of the muscles will be restored, and the muscle elasticity will be significantly improved. Two people can obviously feel the improvement of the happiness index of sex life. The physical exercise method needs to be maintained, otherwise, it will be difficult to see the effect. In today’s fast-paced society, many people are too busy working and do not have time to exercise. They can also exercise with the aid of toys~ For example, this smart interactive smart ball that is controlled by a smartphone app. Personalized virtual coach, 6 major training courses, goal setting, and gamification medal training, while exercising, do not forget to add fun (I want to start one).

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