The production process of physical sex dolls

If you’re interested in physical sex dolls, or are curious about the process of making them, you may find that a search on Baidu doesn’t yield many results.

The process of making physical sex dolls is complex and few people fully understand. Today, the editor will show you the manufacturing process of physical sex dolls. The entire production process can be roughly divided into seven different steps.

1. Make a physical sex doll mold

Making the mold is the first step in the manufacturing phase of the physical sex doll.

The shape of the mold is very important to the shape and size of the physical sex doll. A professional designer is required to draw a drawing that meets the target according to the proportion of the human body, and then use the designed drawing to manufacture the corresponding model. General molds are specially designed to produce all types of corresponding models.

This process requires designers to familiarize themselves with market preferences and design accordingly. In addition, different masters will design unique dolls according to their own preferences and aesthetics. By doing this, designers can make a unique and attractive physical sex doll, which will bring more customers to the company, which is the value of designers in this field.

2. The skeleton of a physical sex doll

The bone structure of the physical sex doll is usually made of stainless steel, which is used to replace the human bone to make the entire body of the physical sex doll. Its joint function is similar to that of a human skeleton, just like the human body, and they can be placed in a human-like pose put. To improve innovation, many solid sex doll companies are now designing and manufacturing new solid sex doll skeletons, focusing on improvements in weight and stiffness.

3. Match the prepared mold and skeleton

After the skeleton and mold are prepared, they are paired together to fit correctly and hold the intended position.

The assembly process of the mold and the skeleton is a very delicate process. If there is a problem in the assembly process, it will affect the overall quality of the solid sex doll, resulting in incomplete or deformed finished products, which can only be discarded and lost.

The process is very delicate and requires the utmost patience and care to ensure quality.

4. Heating and preparation of TPE material

In order to prepare TPE materials, it is necessary to accurately calculate and mix the raw materials according to the required ratio. By stirring and mixing evenly, the quality of TPE will vary greatly due to different product formulations.

When all the required materials are fully prepared, the processing of these raw materials begins. The material is heated to about 200 degrees, and then the heated material is injected into the mold, and the solid sex doll is gradually formed in the mold.

5. Cool down

Because of the high temperature required to heat the TPE, the poured mold needs to be placed in a coolant or clean cold water for several hours.

After the cooling process, it is necessary to manually open the mold and take out the doll. At this time, the new solid sex doll is not completely good. Because the process of pouring and cooling will cause opening and closing lines and overflowing glue on the doll, in order to make the solid sex doll more beautiful and attractive, the next production process needs to be carried out.

6. Detail trimming and smoothing

After the TPE physical sex doll is removed from the mold, the next step of processing needs to be done manually before the physical sex doll is complete and ready for sale.

The solid sex doll that has just been taken out of the mold has rough corners, the feet, hands, neck and sides of the body are smoothed with a sharpening tool to remove any uneven or rough edges, the purpose of which is to make the doll look more realistic and beautiful. Nails and toe nails are also applied, thoroughly washed again, and if there are no other imperfections after drying, talcum powder is applied to keep them smooth and dry for maximum consumer satisfaction.

7. Make the head of the doll

The head and body of a physical sex doll are made separately because the head of a physical sex doll has more complex features than the body.

The process of making the head is very similar to that of the body, the only difference is the different molds used. After the production process of the head of the solid sex doll is completed, a special makeup artist will apply it to make the solid sex doll look more sexy and attractive. There are many more models of the head than the body, allowing consumers to have more choices of appearance. The factory usually punches and screws the two together when leaving the factory.

Finally, the finished products will be put into a special dust-removing warehouse, and they will be wrapped in plastic film and then hung up. When a customer places an order, the factory will pick up the goods from the warehouse according to the sample number, put them in a reliable and safe box for shipment, and put foam pads inside, and wrap the physical sex doll with a blanket to protect the various parts of the physical sex doll.