Can sex dolls replace real people?

Advances in technology mean that what was once a dystopian fantasy is closer than ever to becoming a reality. But is the rise of sex dolls cause for concern?

We’ve seen sex dolls vocalize, blink, heat up, have fine limbs, and quickly fulfill one’s best fantasies. Technology is finally catching up, and once-fantasy dystopian fantasies are slowly becoming a full-fledged reality.

The Chinese engineer was so attracted to the sex doll he created, after two months of “dating”, he married her in the presence of his family. The emergence of physical dolls has also attracted the attention of the academic community, with British ethicist Dr. Katherine Richardson recommending a ban on physical dolls, especially those that look like humans.

“If people think they can have an intimate relationship with a non-natural being, then that says something about how we think about a relationship with a real person,” she said. Of course, sex dolls could be a viable substitute for human intimacy, which The thought is somewhat disturbing.

However, according to reports, the production improvement of sex dolls is still progressing rapidly. This high-end plastic product has a flexible and soft body, a real and beautiful appearance, and the price ranges from one thousand yuan to several hundred thousand. Choose from a wide variety of styles and looks, and achieve what doll makers call “highs.”

In the past 2019, sex doll experience stores have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. Sex dolls are nothing new, in the old 17th century Dutch sailors relied on them for months at sea. But this once rather extravagant and expensive toy now has the ability to speak and engage in conversation, so the leap from lust to spirit is such a huge one.

Then, like the fate of Joaquin Phoenix’s character in the movie “Her.” It is believed that for those who buy and “date” sex dolls, maintaining their own mind and irreversible mind to interact with people will be a challenge: the complexities of relationships are too intractable.

viable alternative

Sex dolls have yet to gain mass adoption, but it is already a complex and thorny issue. We live in a world that is already full of tension, violence and difficulty due to the objectification of women.

Can sex dolls really replace people? In Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, which is responsible for health care and social security, found in a 2010 survey that 36 percent of Japanese men aged 16-19 had no interest in sex, a figure that had doubled in two years. The advent of virtual/digital partners is often cited as the reason for their lack of enthusiasm for interacting with real-life women.

A docile, pretty, and even vocal sex doll is bound to be creepy. Most technological advances are scary in nature, though. If you walk into your partner’s house and see it, you don’t try it out as a fancy adult toy, but more as a sign that you’re in a real emotional or physical problem.

This is when one’s own “go with the flow” attitude toward adulthood hits a snag. But on the other hand, why bother with technological advancements that might bring happiness to others? Why not think of it as a free exit?

Of course, anything that allows a person to express themselves emotionally, even to an inanimate object, is a step in the right direction.

In the documentary Love Me, Love My Doll, Slade Philo repairs sex dolls, saying: “I had a client from Berkeley who was so violent with the doll that he ripped its legs off. . Its calf, below the knee, looks like a stab wound from a knife. It’s hard to imagine what this guy did to the doll.”

Human intimacy is wonderful and complex, with two or more people making indescribable descriptions of their relationship. Of course, the advancement of technology is impressive, and maybe one day someone will become the norm with the delightful stories of dolls.