The origin of sex doll

In fact, it is necessary to trace the development history of dolls. According to reliable sources, we can only set the origins on the sex dolls made by the sailors. Because they were invented by Dutch sailors, the sex dolls are often called later. “Mrs. Holland”, “Mrs. Traveler”. Starting from this time, sex dolls are an alternative to their needs for women. So there is no requirement in appearance.

It is the surrealist artist who really makes the appearance of love dolls develop. Because of the obsession with nude pornography, many rich mannequin works have been created. There are also Dali’s works, such as taxis on rainy days.

With the foundation of the art model of realistic sex dolls, it was a better enlightenment for later commercial production in Germany. As rumored, Hitler made sex dolls for soldiers. Although there is no definite evidence, it is undeniable that indeed in this period of Germany, there were sexy plastic dolls with obvious female characteristics.

No matter which origin, it reveals the inevitability of the development of sexual dolls.