The importance of sleep to men’s sexual life

The mental and physical state of people who often suffer from insomnia is very low, so some people use sexual life to regulate sleep. After intense exercise and consumption, it can really make people fall asleep quickly, and the quality is very high. Let’s learn about it together. Does sleep affect sex?

Lack of sleep will inevitably affect sexual life, will lead to men erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation, women prone to sex apathy, less secretion when make love, endocrine disorders and so on. And enough sleep not only makes people energetic, but also improves men’s sexual ability. Because, during the dream period, men will have an unconscious erection, while women may have vaginal lubrication. At this time, both sexes are prone to have dreams about the opposite sex, sexual fantasy and sexual life, and basic sexual ability is exercised and maintained.

Scientific research has proved that couples who can’t enjoy enough sleep due to some objective factors will have a greatly reduced frequency of sexual life, even if they have sex, they will have anxiety and uneasiness. In contrast, the couple with enough sleep are full of energy, more relaxed in sexual life and better in physical strength. According to the reliable data provided by experts, the best sleep time for normal people is 7-8 hours, with no interruption in the middle. In the process of stable and comfortable sleep, human brain nerves are rested, all functions of the body have enough time for self-regulation, metabolism and endocrine can also operate smoothly. Sex toy can be used to ease any temporary sexual problems

What are the benefits of sleep for sex?

1. Improve immunity: the results showed that the T-lymphocyte and B-lymphocyte in the blood of the subjects after hypnotism were significantly increased, and these two kinds of cells are the main force of immunity in human body. The scientists also found that the hypnotists showed more confidence, self-esteem and independent ability in the face of daily stress.

2. Promote the secretion of growth hormone: physiological research tells us that only in deep sleep can human brain synthesize auxin to promote the growth and development of the body. That’s why young men and girls who don’t get enough sleep for a long time tend to have late sexual maturity and shorter stature.

3. Improve work efficiency: research out the typist in the wake of the typing speed increased by 15% – 20%, accuracy increased by 30% – 40%. Now more and more men are choosing the right sex doll for themselves.

4. Keep skin smooth, ruddy and elastic: the metabolism of skin is the most vigorous at night, and its blood supply is also the most sufficient during sleep. At this time, the body’s muscles and internal organs, especially the consumption system, are in a relatively bottleneck state, while the skin blood vessels are completely open, and the blood can reach the skin fully, providing it with sufficient nutrition and oxygen.

Under the supply of blood, skin can repair and regenerate itself, which can prevent and delay skin aging. Therefore, the beauty of skin is actually conceived in sleep.