The funeral of sex dolls

Have you ever think about how is the funeral of sex dolls will be like.

Couples or partners can get divorced or break up when getting bored, but for owners who have sex dolls, what happens if they get tired of their sex dolls, In Japan, puppets are considered to have souls, so when a sex doll is abandoned, it is also considered unlucky. But for the owner who wants to throw away the doll, it is most important to find a way to deal with it.

The sex doll funeral plan costs 50,000 yen, including funerals and memorial services, and the homeowner will receive a funeral certificate and a commemorative photo or video of the memorial service.

For those who want to return the doll to the world at a low cost, there is a joint funeral plan of 30,000 yen, which includes everything in the standard plan, a ceremony only will be held at the same time as the other dolls, and the owner will get a memorial-only photo.

People may put it in the closet or forget its presence in the basement as it fades away. You can also take it out of the house, but it will not be easy and will not look like you are trying to deal with a murder victim. But what happens when the nights spent together and the round form a bond?

Ningen Love Doll Company seems to have a very special solution to this very special problem. It has been offering memorial services for sex dolls since January 22, 2020. It had a thoughtful funeral, while Japanese monk and porn star Rei Kato offered a memorial service for sex dolls. They ensure that silicone lovers rest in peace.