teps to repair injuries in a simulated doll

The solid doll is made of solid craft, with built-in iron skeleton. The real material does not need to be replaced by foam. Compared with the foam doll on the market, it is not too realistic. So the weight is more realistic. If the external surface is accidentally cut by knives, scissors and other sharp tools, it does not matter, can be used in the special accessories to repair the silicone adhesive. The repair method is as follows:

  1. Place the wound part of the simulation doll horizontally to prevent the glue from flowing out of the wound;
  2. Make sure there are no dirt, water or other stains in the wound, so as not to affect the adhesion of the glue;
  3. open the glue bottle cap, stick a drop of glue with a toothpick, the other hand to open the wound, will drop the glue, not too much;
  4. after the wound drops into the glue, quickly pinch the wound, and then stick.

Note: imitation doll repair is a delicate work, it is best to stick with a toothpick, if you cut open the wound to pour the glue into the words, the wound will burn into a hole, if the wound is small, and the amount of glue dripping into the words, the repair will only leave a thin scar. If the glue drops too much, it will cause the glue to flow to where there will be a scar. It is best to use a piece of thick paper, cut a hole in the middle bigger than the wound, and then cover the paper on the wound, then repair, so as not to drip glue into the silicone outside the wound.