Physical doll life depends on maintenance

More and more people use silicone dolls, people on the silicone doll evaluation is also mixed. Some said that the physical doll is very realistic, fully functional very practical, and some said that the physical doll is very heavy and not durable, less than half a year will be broken, so is the silicone doll and online comments said so not durable?

We can see from the material of the silicone doll is silicone, the quality is guaranteed, normal use can be five to ten years. So how can online reviews say it’s broken in less than six months? In fact, this kind of situation is divided into a lot of different, most of them are caused by people, their own care not to maintain the doll lead to a sharp decline in doll life. As usual, the doll joints keep bending for a long time, resulting in wrinkles on the surface. This is due to improper positioning and prolonged stress on the surface. After finishing the posture, we should restore the posture when leaving the factory and reduce the stress on each joint. There is also a common situation is the living environment, if you are living in a wet place, the long-term history of the doll with severe moisture internal material will be damaged, naturally the life will be shortened.

If your doll still goes bad quickly for any of these reasons, you’ll be buying a shoddy or fake doll. Some fake or untrustworthy enterprises will use other materials, or recycled scrap material to make dolls, and sell them as genuine silicone dolls. So to buy a doll to find a formal trust of the enterprise, the well-known brand has protection.

After buying the genuine silicone doll, the individual should also pay attention to love, it is best to take her as a girlfriend to raise, careful care, so that the doll used five to ten years is not a problem.