Does folding storage of skeleton entity dolls break?

Whether the solid doll can be folded and stored is analyzed. The doll is a whole entity with a skeleton. If it can be folded and stored, it will not have a sense of reality. If you want to fold and store the skeleton, you can’t use metal materials. At present, no enterprise dares to take the risk of making the skeleton with other materials, which is very risky, or some manufacturers will choose to make it with new materials after development.

At present, there is only one way to make the doll fold up and store, and that is the inflatable doll on the market. The surface is similar to the raincoat, and the material lacks the sense of reality. The volume of the inflatable doll is close to the adult size after inflation, and the skin is hard plastic skin, which cannot show the aesthetic feeling of human body. Besides, the inflatable doll’s appearance is relatively rough, which can only simulate the structure of human body. After using the inflatable doll, can use the inflatable tube to suck out the body gas, let the doll into a thin layer, so you can achieve folding storage. If the doll of whole entity also can make it fold deposit is equivalent to doll hand and foot is lameness, it is lameness to had rather directly choose the kind of half body cost performance ratio is higher, collect some more convenient.

Therefore, physical dolls cannot be folded and stored, so how can physical dolls be stored to solve the privacy problem? Physical dolls can be stored flat on their back in a box a little bigger than the doll. The air box has wheels for easy movement, can sit under pressure, can also be locked, privacy confidentiality is strong, there is a need to buy from the manufacturer of the physical doll.