Sex is only for physical satisfaction?

Sex is only for the body to satisfy 10 single women’s sexual views

   The sex life pattern of single women

   1. Masturbation: Masturbation is always an indispensable part of a single woman’s sex life. From a safety perspective, masturbation is undoubtedly the highest, and it has a height that cannot be matched by any other method. Due to the addition of more sexual fantasies, the spiritual level is as high as possible, but there is no communication with sexual partners at all. One can’t live without communication, let alone sex.

2.Fixed sex partners: Finding a fixed sex partner is currently the most suitable sex life pattern for single women. Therefore, this more intimate sex life pattern will quickly become popular, but the safety index is not as high as expected. For example, if the other party makes malicious recordings during phone sex, or is secretly recorded by the other party during video sex and spread to the Internet, then you will become famous overnight!   

3.Sexual products: For people who do not have a sexual partner, it is normal to buy and use sex products for masturbation. Appropriate use of some masturbation methods to solve the desire for sex can relieve mental stress. However, the doctor reminded that sex products must be soft, smooth, and disinfected regularly to ensure hygiene. It is particularly worth noting that, do not choose those weird sex products for the pursuit of excitement and pleasure, otherwise, after remarrying, the husband will not be able to meet his own requirements.   

Single women’s sexual life training   

1. Safety is the most important thing. Unless you are planning to get pregnant, you should always bring “safe” equipment and take good care of your body.

2. Acknowledge your own sexual requirements, but not promiscuity, find a man who knows and loves each other and entertain each other.  

 3. When choosing a partner, a man with a family should be a minefield not to get involved, not to hurt other people’s families, and not to base their happiness on others’ pain.  

 4. Respect each other’s sexual feelings: Don’t underestimate his sexual ability, express care and affection in the best way, share sexual experience, keep the sexual secrets between the two, and never reveal each other’s scars.   

5. Don’t simply take people by “sex”. Regardless of the reason for being single, emotionally based sexual relationships are psychologically and physically satisfying for women to the greatest extent.

Necessary fortification. If you are not the one you like, don’t have dinner alone with him. If you are not going to have sex with him, don’t agree to go to his residence and sit down. A woman always has the right to say no, but it should be nice to refuse.   

10 single women’s sexual views   

1. Single life knows the pain and happiness. The biggest advantage is freedom, but every new year and holidays, my heart is always empty. Especially the mental decline is very fast, and it is easy to get tired. But I am also very helpless. It is impossible for me to have sex with anyone, which violates my principles of life.  

  2. Sex is like eating to me, sex and love are two different things. Single women cannot live without sex, and women without sex are unhealthy. I am still looking for the one I love, but this is different from sex.  

  3. Now I am single, a real single, and I have not had sex for 3 years. I don’t want to live with anyone casually. Everyone has their own ambitions. I only sleep with people I really love. I don’t feel ashamed of a single woman without sex.  

 4. I haven’t had the opposite sex for a long time. I feel that I have skin hunger and desire to touch. In fact, I don’t have too many extravagant hopes, I just want to have a considerate man gently hug, and I can be lazy on him when he needs it. But where to find such a man?  

  5. I once met a boy in an interview. We are often together. It feels good to let the body completely release. But we never stayed together overnight. After the passion, no matter how late, I insisted on letting him go. After sex, when reason returns, if he is still in my bed, I will detest and despise myself.  

  6. The most embarrassing thing that singles need to deal with is their physical needs. Everyone cannot ignore the needs of his body. I am also a normal woman, why can’t I have sex? My boss treats me very well. He knows that I will not cry and want to marry him. We often open rooms in the hotel. Every time, I am very involved. At that time, it is an idea to satisfy the body.  

 7. Every time I am alone at home, I will go online and chat with those lonely men. Some feel better, and occasionally meet up and eat. If you feel better, you can go to bed. Sex is just a simple question for me, what I want is to satisfy my needs.   

8. I met a tall rock musician in a bar. He was great on the bed. Sometimes we would lie on the bed all day and make love madly. I like energetic men. Others say that I am a person who knows how to enjoy, but I am still a person who knows how to work hard. Life is actually a process of experience. I don’t want to be entangled in the complicated relationship between men and women. It’s better to keep it simple.

9. I had a marriage and I am free again. I think that what I get in sex is not only pleasure but also self-confidence and security. It is completely personal. At least it makes me feel that I am a normal person. Therefore, before I can find a suitable marriage partner, I must find a sexual partner for myself. In terms of sex life, we are a good partner. Under my patient “guide”, his time in bed is increasing day by day. Of course, this is also the reason that attracts him to be with me. I need him to be young and energetic. Physical strength, he needs my skilled experience. I resumed my normal sex life as before. It brought me a very good attitude and made me feel that life is still very good. Expert Reviews:    It should be said that single women have the right to enjoy sex, but being single does not mean casual sex. Although they are not bound by marriage, basic ethics and morals should be followed. Freedom does not mean being casual. The key to grasping this degree is to establish a good attitude. Choosing to be single is not necessarily the final mode. Some people are single and clean and love themselves because they believe in love and fate; some people choose to live together because they want to intervene in each other’s lives and establish a good sexual relationship; And some people choose the mode of dealing with several people, taking sex as the protagonist, and the body as a resource, and they are untiringly developing and enjoying. This is obviously an unhealthy lifestyle.  

  Single women need to have mature and healthy sexual concepts and sexual problems. As long as this problem is solved, the problem of sex will be solved. Whether you choose to be single, live together, or wait for true love to arrive, you can only have a good attitude if you have a mature understanding of your own.

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