Sex workers: Customers love to do?

The traditional view is that those single men who go to prostitutes are some losers who can’t get a date, but Ms. J describes her single customers as cute and charming. No one gives her the feeling of being a loser. Most of the dates They all have normal sex (direct), so why still patronize her?

Ms. J, a sex worker from Seattle who has been engaged in sex work for almost 15 years, is now almost 40 years old, very beautiful and talkative. She receives 10 customers a week and provides services for their payment. Her customers are very satisfied with her. Satisfaction is 62% (maybe translated into bed return rate?).

But since watching the 2004 film Kinsey, a documentary about the controversial sex worker researcher Kinsey, she decided to give her customers something extra, a questionnaire, and she worked in the US sex The community presented survey results based on 225 clients, including sex educators, consultants, and therapeutic experts. I participated in this meeting. There is no shortage of sex worker investigators and their sponsors, but as far as I know, this is the first A survey led by sex workers themselves stirred up a curious whirlwind.

Ms. J ’s sample was selected, only those men who visited her and were willing to participate in this survey, so it cannot represent all the views of those clients, but there is no doubt that it is a thought-provoking report.

Half of Ms. J’s sample is single and a half married. The overwhelming majority of whites (93%). Their age varies between 26 and 70, but the largest group is around 50 years old.

The traditional view is that those single men who go to prostitutes are some losers who can’t get a date, but Ms. J describes her single customers as cute and charming. No one gives her the feeling of being a loser. Most of the dates They all have a normal love life (direct), so why still patronize her?

They lack a sense of security between the sexes: “I crave love, but I am anxious, and my age relationship prevents me from reaching the level of comfortable sex I expected.” “The more times you have sex, the more you love it. The better I feel, I want to know more about women and learn more about how to make them feel comfortable. “I am always nervous when dating, and the cost of when you look forward to a moving meeting is greater, here can be very relaxing. “

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The traditional view is that married men go to prostitutes because they cannot get satisfaction from their wives. Ms. J rejected this view. Most of them have sex at home but the way is not very suitable for them, and they also complain that their wives are in Both sex and non-sexual aspects lack interest.

“At home, I don’t get a lot of caress and kisses. I suggest my wife go to treatment. She said we don’t need it. So this is my own therapy.” “My wife and I are good friends, but in Feelings or intimacy between men and women are not enough, so after long-term consideration, I decided to take this way that does no harm to anyone to make up for what I did not get at home. “

Many married customers told her, “I am here to save my marriage.” A few customers feel a little guilty about visiting Ms. J, only 8%.

Compared with single men, Ms. J’s married customers are more interested in her love and love. I hope she can have a peak feeling with them. “I want to know that I can make a woman reach the peak feeling.” Unlike many sex workers, Ms. J is happy to reach the peak feeling of love with those clients who require it. 36% of customers have this requirement.

The first few intimate ways requested by Ms. J’s customers: oral sex (91%), followed by the ordinary way (71%), and the backyard (55%), other non-general ways of love (53%) Mi (22%), requires the use of sex toys (sexual appliances) (18%), female active male submissive intimacy (less than 5%).

This is not surprising, but many men, both single and married, hope to have more tricks than they normally experience.

“I feel more tricks here.” One customer said.

I have read many survey reports about sex workers and their customers, but this is the first customer survey conducted by sex workers. Although it did not cause disruptive shocks, it opened up some new areas. Of customers want a special way of intimacy, and more want to accept the buttocks, which is very new to me, how about you?

tpe sex doll

The most common sex doll accessories

With the popularity of TPE sex dolls, the sales of sex doll accessories are also gradually rising. People no longer just have a sex doll. They have more choices to find new fun on the basis of solid sex dolls.

Here are some of the most popular sex doll accessories. Replaceable vagina, wigs and eyes, detergent and repair kit, storage box.

Replaceable vagina: There are many options for vagina and hips to satisfy your discerning taste and bring you maximum sexual pleasure. The vagina can also be purchased separately, and you can buy it at low cost to get the sexual pleasure you need. All openings are designed to the same level of maintenance as full-size sex dolls, so you can enjoy sexual intercourse similar to a fixed vagina. The removable vagina is easier to keep clean.

Wigs and eyes: These are easy to change and adjust. You can also mix and match different wigs, hair colors and eye colors for more fun, and choose the perfect heroine you want, you always want to serve you in the bedroom.

Detergents and repair kits: Detergents will help you keep your realistic TPE sex dolls in top condition even after years of use. You’ll find your doll as refreshing as before, serving you, removing all stains and repairing it. TPE special glue is specially used for bonding and repairing TPE solid dolls. After drying, it is soft, transparent and not hard, and can be mixed together after bonding. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, rest assured.

Storage box: It is recommended to buy with each doll. When storing a sex doll vertically, make sure that its feet are on the floor. This will help distribute the force evenly throughout the doll’s body. Avoid your doll from collecting dust or scratches on the way. In order to avoid indentation caused by prolonged pressure, try not to apply force in one place for a long time.

Do you exchange used sex doll accessories with others?

The sex doll Forum is the preferred destination for so-called “sex dolls” owners. The site started as a haven for owners to discuss the best models, share reviews, and share clear photos and videos. But now it has also become a digital exchange store for buyers with limited budgets.

Sex dolls and electronic sex robots are often overpriced, with top models costing as much as $ 15,000. However, users of the Doll Forum can buy “used” models for much cheaper prices, sometimes for just a few hundred dollars. And it’s not all about making money, realistic sex dolls are quickly becoming a major trend in the sex industry.

Even with the risk of infection, the “Doll Forum” is very popular. Sex robots are quickly becoming a major trend in the sex industry, as evidenced by the “Doll Forum”. “The driving force is an increase in fidelity,” said Brian Sloan, the inventor of the world’s first artificial intelligence-driven “oral sex robot” (automatic bottle blowing AI). “People are getting what they’ve always wanted, but the problem is that the cost of high-quality sex dolls exceeds the budget of many men.” Thus, such forums allow men to share them, which is a reasonable response to the high costs. “

Handmade Silicone Sex Doll Head Tutorial

There are many silicone adult toys, wether they are follow standarize we don’t know. For a safe silicone sex doll, in fact, we can design a sex doll buy ourselves. Cheap and safe.

Here are what you need to prepare: Head model, sludge, mold silicone, platinum silica gel, resin, curing agent and accessories. Besides, some universal handmade tools is needed such as: utility knife, dye pen, needle thread, electric wind blowing, gauze, vaseline for agent release, silicone glue, some cosmetics.

How to make a realistic sex doll head?
No matter head or body you need the modules of these two parts.Normally, it comes from real people or engraver’s work.Is you don’t know how to get a module and not good at art works, here racyme customized sex doll may help you.Just send a photo and get all what you want.

  • Step 1: Mix the ingredients in proportion and stir.
  • Step 2: Apply a layer of Vaseline to the upper half of the face and apply a layer of mixed silica gel.
  • Step 3: After the platinum silica gel is solidified, make a layer of gypsum or resin outer mold. (If you need to wear gloves, resin hurts your hand)
  • Step 4: After doing the upper half of the mat face mold. The same method should be done again in the lower part of the head, and the two sides of the mold are combined to form a whole head mold.
  • Step 5: Place 24h, evenly coat Vaseline on the inside of the mold, fix all the modules tightly, and mix the silica material into the mold of the head in proportion. Heating can make the solidification process faster.
  • Step 6: Coloring, the excess is repaired with a utility knife. The eye is first dug with a utility knife, and the mouth can be opened as you like.