Sex dolls will give you comfort and warmth

All kinds of festivals coming, looking at the street people coming and going, into pairs, you do not stab heart? Do you want to take the whole one home? It saves you the wallet shyness of giving gifts in various festivals, and you won’t have all kinds of complaints if you don’t have time to accompany. You forget to prepare gifts, and you won’t get angry with you. Each of the sex dolls will give you comfort and warmth when you are upset, to meet your man’s various desires.

Real doll bones typically have 14 movable joints. It is neck joint, double shoulder joint, double elbow joint, double wrist joint, waist joint, double hip joint, double knee joint, double ankle joint and so on, finger also was made with metallic wire to make the phalanx that can bend in a universal way. The standing version has three bone links between screws and the soles of the feet on the soles of the feet.

When the real doll stands up, the screw caps on the soles of the feet will touch the ground to support the body weight.These movable joints are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human body, mimicking most of the sexy poses a human poses. Sex doll also recently launched a shrug can shrug the new joint skeleton. The shoulder joint is between the shoulder joint and the collarbone to add a joint, with the hand holding the upper arm of the silicone sex doll to force up, she will make the shoulder posture, very simple.

Do not place the sex doll on the seat of artificial leather or dyed leather for a long time, and avoid wearing dark clothes for a long time, so as not to cause pigmentation on the silicone surface, which is difficult to remove. Should avoid direct sunlight, silica gel in direct sunlight for a long time under the occurrence of slight skin fade phenomenon. Should avoid excessive dust environment, silica gel surface easy to produce viscosity and static electricity, easily contaminated with dust. Should avoid damp environment, doll interior fill sponge, environment moisture will absorb water, difficult to send out.

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