Sex doll become the perfect companion, the psychology of men who fall in love with sex dolls?

Men who live alone love TPE sex real dolls and use them as real companions for all kinds of activities, whether it’s watching a movie, taking a walk together, or sleeping together. The lifelike sex doll has become more than a toy for these solitary men, and more like a beautiful, submissive, quiet companion. There are a lot of similar news, but why are there so many real women but some men choose a fake sex doll and invest so much time and emotion knowing it is fake? What is the psychology behind this? Is it enough to constitute a disease?

Attachment to things is something that happens in everyone’s life. It seems that there is always an energy similar to love inside people who wants to constantly spill out, pointing to a certain object or a group of specific objects, including lifeless childhood. toys, houses, cars, clothing, food and other material or non-material things, but also some living things, such as animals, humans, plants, nature and so on.

Some people put a lot of their feelings and time on some of these things. For example, we sometimes see such news that some women often care about their pets, but they are very indifferent to their families, which leads to conflicts and conflicts. And so on and today we are talking about the romance between men and cheap sex dolls.

Falling in love with cheap sex dolls generally occurs in men who live alone. These men often have two different characteristics. Some of them have been betrayed and hurt by each other in previous relationships or marriages, feel frustrated, and put the negative feelings they feel. Feelings and experiences are extended and generalized to all women, losing expectations and feelings for women, and finally choosing to use sex dolls that will never hurt them as a partner’s role and spiritual comfort. Others, unable to bear the pain and loneliness after losing their longtime partner, opted for a faux doll that resembled their partner for some comfort.