Really? The Crazy Sex Doll Owners Are not Perverts

If you are talking about the advantages of the real doll in public, you will be considered as creepy even though you are in the most open-minded country. The people seldom advertise their purchase plan for a sex doll. Moreover, some people are afraid others will be curious about what it is in that big carton.

The surprising thing is that there is no one shy away from the other sex toys. For instance, naked realistic genitals or the lifelike vagina. It seems that people have the common sense that the partial organs are more acceptable.

Whatever, the real doll business is booming online. The doll buyers are glad to share their ideas on maintained of the sex doll. They exchange their experience to use and care. They are so attached to dress the dolls, makeup for them. Each doll has its personality under the efforts of the owners.

So what do you think of those doll buyers? Undoubtedly, most people are impressed by the sex doll because of the lifelike appearance. The new widowers take the sex doll as a partner to pass a hard time. And the couples even consider the sex doll is an applicable third party for the sex adventure. The young generation would like to dress the sex doll for anime cosplay.

Hence, the love doll owners are as normal as anyone in society.