Precautions for purchasing used sex dolls

Can used solid sex dolls cause infectious diseases? Which may be the most concerned.

It is impossible to get AIDS. AIDS is mainly infected through sexual life and blood contact.
Moreover, when HIV is left in the living body, it is difficult to survive when exposed to the air for a long time, and it is disinfected before use. Don’t worry.

HIV has extremely poor survival ability in vitro, is not resistant to high temperature, and has low resistance. It is not easy to survive without leaving the human body. At normal temperature, it can only survive for several hours in the blood outside the body, and is sensitive to heat. It is 30 minutes at 56 °C. Loss of activity, and the virus loses its infectivity at the moment of leaving the body, and it will not be infected by daily life.

After you buy it back, it is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Even with HIV, after you clean and disinfect, HIV will soon die and lose its activity. Besides, it has been used for 4 days, even if there is HIV. Also death has lost its activity.

For the used items only, the buyer will take pictures of the damaged items or find the damage figure of the same real doll after several days of use (do not exceed the automatic confirmation time of the system), and ask the quality problem. Be sure to say quality problems! Don’t say it’s a matter of appearance, the rules will support refund returns.

On the day of signing, found the same sex doll‘s damage map and sent it to the trading platform on the same day as a time reference. The quality of the day was raised, and don’t mention the damage still don’t need to submit a return on the same day! After a few days of use, a refund of the return is made.