Points To Know How To Choose Sex Doll?

Choosing your top1 sex doll is very important. You don’t want to buy an expensive sex doll and regret it one month later. In this article, we will discuss the options for sex dolls on the market today. How do you choose the best sex doll for your needs? We collected much info from our shipped customer, from pre-sales and after-sales, our sex doll industry experiences and so on. Following those 7 important points will help you save time and money.Also, you could watch our 3 mins brief whiteboard animation funny video!

Dolls’ weight You should consider it firstly. Why? Over 23kg sex dolls are heavy and not easy to move. Because sex doll’s center of gravity is uneven. You will feel particularly heavy when you hold it, just like a drunk person. Someone will throw away sex doll for weight. Because it’s hard to move and hold. There is someone said who would need to go to a gym she is your workout!

TPE doll Affordable from $699-$2200 •Not real than silicone sex doll, heavy than silicone doll, compare same height and figure.Usually, according to dolls weight, we divide 4 range 1. 13-23kg At this weight range, sex doll is easy to move and pose, this is most doll lover first choice, you can spend the least money to know sex doll quickly.