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TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a kind of material with the characteristics of high elasticity, high strength, high elasticity and injection molding. Environmental non-toxic safety, hardness is wide and has excellent color, texture soft, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature tolerance, the processing performance is superior, no cure, can be recycled to reduce costs, either the secondary injection molding, and PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, such as matrix materials coated adhesive, also can separate molding.

Thermoplastic elastomer has not only the processing properties of thermoplastic, but also the physical properties of vulcanized rubber, so it is an advantageous combination of the advantages of plastic and rubber. Thermoplastic elastomers are taking over territory once reserved for vulcanized rubber.


TPE (Tetraphenylene) is a classic AIE molecule (Aggregation Induced Emission), that is, there is no fluorescence in solution, but strong fluorescence exists in solid, which is just the opposite of the traditional Aggregation quenched molecule. Therefore, it has an important application in organic optoelectronic materials and other fields, and has attracted more and more people’s attention.



Non – toxic environmental protection, in line with the requirements of countries on heavy metal content (EN71 and ASTM). · excellent touch, surface can be oiled, sprayed and printed. · halogen free, in full compliance with eu RoHS directive. · multi-material injection molding, co-extrusion and ABS, PC, PA, PP, PS, SAN and other plastic bonding firm. · it conforms to the hygienic quality of medical food (with FDA level for selection). · wide hardness selection (Shore 0a-shore 65D). · excellent plasticity without curing. · wide selection of temperature adaptation range (rubber state can be maintained from -50℃ to 135℃). · nozzle material can be recycled. · high elasticity, high elongation, high tensile strength, low abrasion and low compression deformation. · good weather resistance and good electrical properties. · the most suitable materials can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements. · general chemical and oil resistance.

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