What is the difference between a physical doll and an inflatable doll?

Top of the list: inflatable function differences

Inflatable doll is a kind of inflatable, the demand for gas to expand the commodity, to reach the role of human size, because of thinking about other parts in the use of the feeling, vaginal parts will still use soft silicone products made.


Second: the difference of commodity information

Inflatable doll because of the need for inflatable doll, so the whole data are basically plastic, elastic function of film for the basic data, and the real doll is made of silicone products, its texture is more realistic and vivid.


Third: the difference of the magnitude of the component

The inflatable doll is light in weight, because it is easy to be inflated with gas, and does not exceed 5 jins. However, the solid doll is made of all-silica gel, and its volume and weight are far more than that of the inflatable doll, and the weight is about 40-50 jins.

Inflatable dolls and physical dolls are attributed to a kind of sex simulation doll partner, they are more humanized and emotional than simple sex masturbation tools, which conform to the requirements of today’s urban human nature.

Physical doll is compared with inflatable doll to tell its fleshy feeling is stronger, it can be at will you from a domination, you can treat her as your own lover, she also has the same characteristics as a lover, sexy, attractive, beautiful is still the body you. Physical dolls are not easy to store, which is difficult for some Chinese who keep them sexually. And the price of physical dolls is not cheap, often tens of thousands, not the average Chinese can afford.

This will require China’s sex trade professionals to redouble their efforts to localize sex dolls and physical dolls in advance, so that you and I can have a lover at will

.About the economic conditions and better environmental conditions brother, can think about the purchase of physical dolls, due to its commodity technology, commodity data are far beyond the inflatable doll in the use of feelings, promote temperament.