Jodie – Lifelike TPE Adult Sex Doll

Jodie is a sexy nurse who worked in a busy hospital. She was always on the go, and she always had a smile on her face. She was always there […]

Where to buy a cheap TPE sex dolls?

Although more and more men want to buy TPE sex dolls, the current TPE sex doll market is still immature, so many people don’t know where to buy TPE sex […]

Do you exchange used sex doll accessories with others?

The sex doll Forum is the preferred destination for so-called “sex dolls” owners. The site started as a haven for owners to discuss the best models, share reviews, and share […]

What you need to know about sex doll quality issues

Obtained a different doll from the one ordered. You get a damaged doll The quality of the doll you get is too cheap, because the joints are too tight or […]

The Birth of Japanese Solid Sex Doll

When it comes to the development of solid sex dolls, the Japanese Oriental industry must be mentioned. However, as the leader of today’s industry, it has also undergone many revolutions […]

The most expensive sex doll in history, $72680.00

This “doll” is made by the Japanese love doll manufacturer. The price is so high. It is also the reason for it. First of all, its appearance is the same […]

Involvement with your sex dolls

Who said a doll doesn’t have emotion, can’t express her lust, can’t tease a man? If you think so then you are still deprived of realistic sex doll. Once you met […]

The sex doll industry

In the 2007 film Lars and the Real Girl, Ryan Gosling plays the role of Lars Lindstrom a pathologically shy 27-year-old who comes out of his shell after he takes […]