What happens to the human body during sexual intercourse under MRI?

Human beings are the only creatures in the world that do not have sex for the purpose of reproduction. Have you ever wondered why only humans can evolve sex?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the human body during sex? So after reading this article today, you may get the answer.

MRI images can let us see more intuitively, what happens inside the human body during sex?


First of all, under normal circumstances, the number of heartbeats of a person is 60 to 100 times per minute. Before “start”, our heart is still beating at a normal frequency, after “opening”, it may be slightly faster than normal.

However, as long as you are not the first time, there will be no heartbeat.

Respiratory system

Excluding the causes of physical strength and intense exercise, we will find that our breathing begins to become a little bit short before we start. But at this time, we can still self-regulate and control the breathing rhythm to adjust the state. This is due to the excitement of the central nervous system, causing your blood pressure to rise, muscle contraction, and body metabolism, which directly leads to the accelerated consumption of oxygen. Therefore, oxygen intake will need to be increased, causing you to breathe shortly.

The bladder and rectum also begin to tremble due to muscle contraction. This is why sex can sometimes make you feel urinary.


At this time, due to the secretion of adrenaline, you may experience brief pupil dilation and increase the focus of your eyes.

Of course, you may not have much obvious visual changes, but studies have shown that when people are emotional, their pupils can be enlarged to about 5-10 times, and they enter a state of excitement. At this time, people’s eyes tend to look bigger and more enlightening, and you may even feel that the other’s eyes are glowing.


Do you think your tongue is at your disposal? The pattern is broken, and excitement will make your tongue start to restless. At this time, your tongue is already in your mouth and you are eager to break through the cage.
With the appearance of tongue reflection, your saliva begins to secrete more, which will make you appear involuntary swallowing action.

Kissing will increase excitement, further increase the heart rate, breathe more quickly, and irregular contraction muscle tension begins to appear in the muscles of the whole body.

High-energy warning ahead

The picture below is the key process of sex.

At this time, our blood flow will be redistributed, and blood will gather on the body surface in a short time, resulting in more abundant blood flow in subcutaneous capillaries.

This makes your skin’s surface sensitivity and feeling more obvious than usual, and the muscles begin to change from irregular contractions to regular contractions.

sex doll

Why does a physical doll have a skeleton, and what does a skeleton do to a physical doll?

A normal quality physical doll usually has a skeleton (skeleton), which is an important part of the physical doll. So why does a physical doll have bones? What’s the use?

entity doll bone on the bending of the body, position transformation has an important role, it is because the entity dolls with bone, when we make love with them can the be fond of according to oneself, to make a variety of shy posture, can obtain a variety of different experiences, unlock many can only be seen in the movie.

If entity dolls have made from bone and silica gel (or TPE materials), bone skeleton is roughly stainless steel plate or composite metal laser cutting processing, the difference depends on the material used is stainless steel plate or composite metal materials, production and manufacturing, include all mechanical processing and manufacturing, skeleton joints spirit degree, etc.

The solid doll is embedded with artificial ergonomic aluminum alloy skeleton. Some good products can be bent at will for precise positioning, and the range of bone movement can reach 85-90% of the range of human joint movement. As a result, the position of the physical doll turns more easily and can change all kinds of make love positions you want, such as kneeling position, backward position, riding position, etc., so that you can have a more comfortable feeling in the make love process.

So, when we buy a physical doll, in addition to paying attention to her materials, we also need to pay attention to her bones, to see how she bends and what positions she can achieve, which will be very important for your future use.

Sex Doll shopping guide

Realistic sex doll ,One is tpe and the other is silica gel. The craftsmanship is similar. Don’t worry, tpe is relatively rough in the hand (you can wear clothes and stockings), oil will be released in the later period, and there will be peculiar smell in the later period, and the price is relatively cheap. The silicone feels relatively smooth, has no peculiar smell, and is more expensive. There is also platinum silicone, which is more resistant to aging, high temperature and environmental protection than ordinary silicone. In fact, it is silicone. (The first two materials are also It meets environmental protection requirements and is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.) Of course, the price is more touching.

I personally do not recommend it, because it is impossible to distinguish the difference between ordinary silica gel and platinum silica gel for ordinary baby friends. It is easy to fall into unscrupulous profiteers. Trap, while the large Japanese manufacturers cost $6,000 to $7,000 , which is not what I wait for ordinary people to spend (what is not good to buy, what kind of doll to buy), in terms of personal opinion, I want to buy vent toys and buy tpe sex doll , Take pictures, model, be a daughter, buy silicone.

First of all, if you can buy a realistic sex doll, you can buy a big one. If you buy a small one, you must buy a letter. Don’t buy a miscellaneous brand that you don’t know where to come out. I have never heard of it. Some black-hearted manufacturers even use 95 % Of recycled materials are used to make dolls, deforming and smelling, and the dolls are ugly, and you will not have time to cry.

The big factory sells expensive, naturally there is a reason to be expensive, craftsmanship, quality, are very important, the quality control of the big factory can be assured. For small factories, quality must yield to revenue. Because some problems are not serious, they can also be shipped. This is also the reason for the unstable quality of some small factories.

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Emotional discord, mostly sexual discord, can act as a buffer

Now the divorce rate is very high, most people say is not because of affection, or is the so-called “seven year itch”, however, this might not be true, according to the statistics of the so-called emotional discord may only be disharmony in sex, one party cannot meet the requirements of the other party, sexual life is not happy, relationship with just a figleaf. Because real people are less likely to be pushed around and give you all kinds of shy gestures like real dolls.

If you have already divorce, then you can try to buy a solid silica gel doll, that do a very realistic entity silica gel doll is very beautiful, sexy, shape also is very perfect, deserve to go up all sorts of fun clothes, allows you to experience a variety of you have never experienced posture, bring you never had the pleasure, let you on the desires and mind to be able to get more satisfied. This will also prevent you from doing something bad because of your excess desire. At the same time in the actual combat make love with the physical doll in the process, also can find you find confidence, new face new life.

Some negative comments have been seen on some forums, with some netizens saying “If I had known there was a physical silicone doll, I would not have gotten married or had a girlfriend”. Although this idea is wrong, to some extent, it also reflects our pursuit of sexual diversity, life should be more interesting.

In fact, when your life after marriage, husband and wife in life, in particular, there have been some bad signal, emotions in declining situation, if you can buy a real silicone doll, used to vent that you have no desire to be satisfied, catharsis, find self-confidence, and forget the bad in life, positive face, think more about each other’s good side, so solid silicone dolls can also be used as a buffer, oh can largely avoid marriage crisis.

Don’t middle-aged and elderly people recommend buying silicone dolls?

In many people’s eyes, physical dolls seem to be purchased only by young people, because many of them are energetic, need to vent, and need to communicate sexually and emotionally. And some young people are in the period of work development, too busy, have no time to make a girlfriend, and some are due to limited economic conditions, girlfriend is difficult to find, so they will choose to buy physical silica gel doll as a girlfriend, to vent their desire, fill the emotional blank.

As a result, it is said that middle-aged people, because of their weak health and lack of energy, do not recommend buying silicone dolls, and few people will buy. But is this really the case?

Let’s just look at the Numbers:

According to relevant statistics, the purchase of physical silicone doll customers, over 70% are all middle-aged and elderly! Isn’t that a little unexpected? This data shows the passion and attention of middle-aged and elderly people in purchasing physical silica gel dolls. Moreover, it is confirmed with objective data information that the middle-aged and elderly people are definitely more suitable to buy silica gel dolls, and there is no such thing as inappropriate.

Talk with examples:

After a middle-aged uncle in Japan got divorced, he always felt that he was not happy in his life. Every time he came back home after work, it was cold and there was no popularity, and no one listened to his thoughts. Therefore, he spent more than 50,000 yuan online to buy a physical silicone doll as his other half. After she got the doll, the uncle took good care of it, dressed her every day, massaged her in the bathroom, and took the “silicone wife” to sleep together, touching each other’s face, which made the uncle feel very satisfied, more spirit than before.

Speak with emotion:

We talked about the middle-aged Danish couple whose daughter died in a car accident two years ago, and they were sad for a long time. For a long time now, when they opened their eyes, they were missing their beautiful daughter. They also thought about having a baby again. Considering age and physical condition, a second pregnancy is not a reality, and the physical silicone doll satisfies their deficiency.

If you are an old friend, please don’t for the elderly is not recommended to buy the doll that speech and misled the most key is: what kind of goods, if appropriate, is your own business, is your own background and decision making, why listen more judgmental of others, why want to let others to own life path and happiness?

Do I need to wash the doll immediately after using it? Do new dolls need to be cleaned?

As more and more baby friends have entered our baby circle, there are usually many newcomers on the forums. Recently, a friend asked how to clean the doll and how to maintain it after use. I thought about these issues and talked about it. Everyone knows that both silicone and TPE physical dolls are actually made by artificial people. Moreover, the body of the doll is made of solid materials, which has a certain waterproof performance. Compared with some other products, the physical doll is not as convenient and quick for people to clean as famous utensils, but it is not as difficult as imagined.

I recommend checking the doll for any problems and defects as soon as you receive it, and cleaning the doll when there is no problem. Because after the merchant ships the goods, it is inevitable that there will be no bacteria like these little guys in the process of transportation. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will be unhygienic in the first use process. Usually, baby friends must wash them frequently when using physical dolls, so that they can be more hygienic.

Whether we need to clean up the doll after we have used it up, or if the doll has been left for too long, the surface of the skin is stained with dust or stains, we need to clean the doll. So how to clean the physical doll? Take off the head first to prevent the water from staining the makeup on the face, and then put some shower gel and wipe it gently with a wet towel. The water can be cold or warm.

   If you have a bathtub at home, you can put the doll in the bathtub for smooth washing, which will be more convenient. Of course, you can also wash it with her-after washing, wipe the water with a towel and let it dry. After the baby’s skin is dry, put talcum powder on the baby so that the younger sister’s skin will be smoother, more elastic and dust-proof. If you find any areas that cannot be washed off, you can check whether it is dyed or not. You can clean it up with a color remover or makeup remover. If there are other problems and you have no solution, you can contact the shop where you bought the doll and ask the shop for a solution.

   After wearing a condom and using up the doll, do I need to wash it? It is estimated that everyone must be too tired to move after disarming, after all, he has entered the sage time afterwards. Besides, the service life of physical dolls is limited, they need to be maintained all the time, and they are their own “girlfriends.” Although I am wearing TT, I still worry about whether it will contaminate the doll. After all, I still need to use it in the future. If it is not clean, it will affect my own. It’s better to clean it after you have finished using it. This is more hygienic and will help the life of the doll.

The more expensive and delicate things are, the more they need to be maintained. Just like a car, it will be maintained every time. The same is true for physical dolls. The price of a physical doll is more than four to five thousand. It is a relatively high-end thing and requires good maintenance. The physical doll is about energy-saving movement, can be bent, and the skin is also resilient. It won’t matter if you fold it back again, but if it’s in a curved state for a long time, the skin at the bend may show some wrinkles.

Therefore, if you don’t use it for a long time, it’s best to restore the joints to their original posture, which is a posture with both hands and feet lying flat. If you have been bent for a long time, you can simply massage the joints. It will be fine in a while. There are also physical dolls that can be dyed, so be careful not to wear clothes that can be dyed. You must wear an extra white base shirt inside.

Sex dolls should be regularly powdered to keep the skin dry. When cleaning Shixiu dolls, remember not to use corrosive cleaning agents, strong acid, strong alkaline solutions, strong disinfectants, and detergents, etc., to avoid damage to the skin of the doll. If you want to know more about the price of physical dolls or have any questions, you can contact me and we can provide you with advice. Welcome to follow me.

Do you have any real feelings for physical dolls?

While many people scoff at the idea of a physical doll, there is no doubt that the physical silicone doll is a brilliant invention. It can not only satisfy our original desire needs, but also can adjust the mood, eliminate loneliness, so that we are no longer lonely.

Searching through the Internet about the material of the physical silicone doll, we can learn the development history of the doll, it started from a beautiful legend, then the first appearance of the inflatable doll in World War II, until our present physical doll. I believe that with the development trend of high and new technology, the more forward the time, the closer to the real. Some predict that in the middle of the 21st century, fully intelligent robots will emerge, just as science fiction shows.

In fact, estimated and not to say the exquisite forced solid silicone doll, even if it is a quality not smooth doll, and long communication, also will give birth to emotion. People are an innate need for affection. They look for lovers, carry on the family line, spend time with their families, and from beginning to end they are looking for a place to place their feelings.

As children, we are so naive and sensitive that many of us sometimes treat the dolls as our relatives. As we grow up, reason makes it difficult for us to open our minds to others, even as we mature. Therefore, there are some people looking for ways to find the high level of appearance in the ideal, sexy fan qiao entity silicone doll to accompany themselves, although such a doll can not communicate directly, but they are very “faithful”, have been staring at us with deep feeling, lovely and pitied, let the heart give birth to pity.

Solid silicone dolls “poor innocent” in front, we thoroughly learned to put down the guard against, solid silicone dolls at the moment is not nothing emotional “doll”, the people for their love of solid silicone dolls involuntarily to block the idea that “it’s just a tuo chemical materials, and took her as a life, like the eyes of the beholder this description, sex can’t fall in love with like, temporarily sex copulating with them, and the real doll of actual combat, after the passion, the reality of unhappiness to release, we can get the satisfaction of one another.

However, some people may get bored with the physical doll after spending too much time with it, which is understandable. The physical doll is not suitable for anyone after all. However, there are still a small number of people who are different, they think that the doll is emotional, has its own emotions, the use of a long time will have a more profound emotion to the physical doll.

Is that normal? That’s normal! Once we subconsciously accept that a doll is not just a doll, but an emotional being, the doll becomes a beautiful, sexy, empathetic, obedient, loyal, willing to do anything for us.

So, which one do you fall into? Do you have any real feelings for your physical doll?

You need to consider these things when buying sex dolls

With the increasing use of physical dolls, the contrast between silicone dolls and TPE sex dolls has always been controversial. As the name implies, the materials used are the first comparison between the two. Silicone is a kind of rubber similar to man-made materials, while thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a mixture of advanced plastics and rubber. This change in material composition brings many differences between the two dolls.


To put it bluntly, it refers to the ratio of the number of pores to the total volume of the material. The trend and rate of fluid permeability determine the porosity of the physical doll. The silicone material is non-porous, so it cannot penetrate the secreted liquid during contact. On the other hand, TPE dolls tend to accumulate these fluids, thereby reducing the efficiency of cleaning and disinfection after use.


Another major difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls is elasticity. Compared with silicone materials, TPE has both rubber and plastic properties, making it more flexible and more realistic. The silicone doll is not easy to deform, which also makes the silicone doll more rigid.


It is inevitable to use lubricants when using physical dolls, which is very necessary. TPE dolls are compatible with silicone oil and water-based lubricants, but silicone dolls can only use water-based lubricants, otherwise it will destroy the nature of the doll. Compared with silicone dolls, this difference makes the use of TPE dolls wider.


The pressure that the material can withstand and the liquid that may be in contact during use determines the quality and durability of the doll. For standard silica gel and TPE, silica gel has a relatively long service life. But unlike standard quality silicone, the quality of TPE is more dependent on the combination of its components. The service life of high-quality TPE dolls will be longer than that of silicone dolls.


TPE sex dolls are more flexible, so they have enough slip resistance when in use. On the other hand, the rigid material of silicone also makes silicone dolls have a more realistic appearance than TPE. In terms of price, there are more complicated steps in the manufacturing and production of silicone, and it is also more difficult to mold the doll, because it is much more expensive than TPE material, and TPE material dolls are affordable by many people.

How does dress a physical doll

Given a doll, everyone will dress up for their favorite doll, but what should we pay attention to when we dress up?

Before dressing the actual doll, it should be cleaned and talcum powder laid on her, then the head removed, and then placed in a position suitable for dressing. If you want to wear accessories, avoid sharp accessories that will scratch the doll.

Here are some do’s and don ‘ts:

  1. Read the instructions before posing and getting dressed. It is best to keep the physical movement of a physical doll within a safe range to prevent excessive limb bending. During the operation, it is safest to operate from the nearest point of the joint.
  2. Avoid clothes that stain, such as artificial leather or other oily materials. If you must wear dark clothes, wash your clothes several times to make sure the color doesn’t fade. It’s best to wear a white coat before you wear it. Do not wear dark clothes for a long time, in case the color penetrates into the doll and causes skin discoloration.
  3. Be careful not to scratch. If your fingernails are long, it’s best to get rid of them.

have you learned how to dress clothes to your doll!if you want know more tips about sex doll,please follow us!

Do I still need a girlfriend after I have a real doll?

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether a tpe sex doll is realistic or not. Although physical dolls are very realistic, they are not real people. It can’t replace a real person but it looks like a real person. It is very real and has a high value. It can satisfy the sexual desires of baby friends, stimulate their imaginations, satisfy their best fantasy, and make you who are now alone. Have a company.

If you buy a baby as a companion, then it is recommended to buy a silicone material. The TPE material seems to have a bigger taste, and it is not a good experience to sleep with you. Buying a baby to play and develop, this is the correct way to open a physical doll. The doll is really fun to dress and make up, and the photos taken are also beautiful.

The realistic sex doll is very realistic, not only can move the joints, but also has a real-life skin. Then someone may ask, the physical dolls are so realistic, do you still need a girlfriend? I bought a physical doll and can enjoy the pleasure of the live-action version, and this girlfriend does not need to coax, there will be no requirements, and will not betray you.

In general, the ornamental value of a baby is far greater than the practicality of sex.