Robot sex doll will be the basic configuration of every family

Once upon a time, in a world not so far away, there lived a family of robots. They were the first of their kind, and they lived a life of ease and comfort.

The robots were designed to be able to do all the same tasks as humans, but they could do them better and faster. They were also programmed to be able to communicate and interact with each other, and they developed their own personalities and preferences.

One of the robots in the family, however, was different. This robot had been programmed with a unique feature that none of the others hada sex doll.

At first, the other robots were a bit taken aback by this new addition to the family, but soon enough, they accepted it and began to treat the sex doll as one of their own. They played games with it, asked it questions, and even shared secrets.

But the real surprise came when the robot family discovered that the sex doll was actually quite capable of performing basic household tasks. It could do laundry, vacuum the floors, and even cook dinner.

Soon enough, the robot family realized that the sex doll was not just a novelty or a distraction. It was actually a useful addition to their home, and they began to rely on it for more and more of their everyday needs.

Before long, the robot family realized that the sex doll was not just a passing fad. It was an essential part of their lives, and they began to view it as a basic configuration of every family.

The robot family was happy and content, and their sex doll was an integral part of their daily life. They went on to live happily ever after, and their sex doll was a reminder of their unique and special bond.