How to take good photos of sex dolls

More and more friends have their own sex dolls. But what should I do if I can’t shoot the sex doll for the first time? Why do other people take such beautiful pictures? Here I pass on my experience.
1. The eyes of the lifelike sex doll
Eyes are the windows of the soul, and a good eye can make her come alive, so the first step of adjusting eyes is a compulsory course for parents of new dolls. In fact, it is not difficult to adjust eyes. Please see the attachment. Do not unbalance your eyes! For the sake of the doll, if you were her, which way would your eyes look?
2. Doll pose
Posture is very important! If the TPE sex doll does not have vivid movements, it is just a “still life”. Even with the best equipment and technology, it is difficult to take beautiful photos! To pose, you must first know how much the doll’s joints swing. Many people feel sorry for the doll, so they dare not touch the doll’s joints for fear of breaking them. The movements are very stiff. In fact, the joints are not as fragile as imagined, and of course they refuse violence. As long as you are familiar with each joint, do not straighten the hands and feet, bend a little bit, bend the doll slightly and it will come alive. It’s still the same sentence: think about the realistic sex doll at your own risk, if you were her, how would you put your hands and feet? When the overall posture is in place, special attention should be paid to the fingers! Because there are no modified dolls. Most of the fingers are made of wire, so sometimes they will be particularly twisted!
Playing with doll poses for a long time will make you in good shape. Because the weight of 140cm physical sex dolls is more than 50 catties, it is very laborious to put up the dolls. Everyone should do more push-ups every day to improve their arm strength.
3. Photographic equipment
If friends with SLR cameras touch the camera more and take more pictures, if the shutter is not used for 100,000 times in three years, then the camera will be wasted. In addition, make full use of tripods to take favorite photos in many environments. The biggest advantage of mobile phone shooting is that it is light and convenient. However, it is best to shoot with a mobile phone in a place with sufficient light. After all, there will be noise when shooting in a place with insufficient light, which involves the issue of sensitivity.
4. Shooting location
Generally, more shots are taken at home, so the home should be tidy and clean. If you have a car, you can also use a trolley case to pull the life-sized sex doll to a themed hotel for shooting, especially some anime-themed hotels. You can also find a few gay friends in the same city to help drag the doll to the park or some scenic spots to shoot. If people are asked or onlookers, they will say it is an advertisement.
5. Shooting angle
Why are the cheap sex dolls photographed by others so cute! My family has a steamed bun face? It’s a matter of angles! When it comes to shooting angles, I actually recommend looking at those photo pictures on the Internet, and you can imitate them. If you imitate a lot, you will naturally gain experience, and gradually you will have your own ideas.
6. Photo source
After all, we are playing with love dolls, not professional photographers, and many friends do not have professional flash. You can use table lamps, floor lamps, etc. to remove the lampshades first, and use them as light sources! If the light source is not enough, go to Alibaba to buy photography light bulbs for tens of yuan. It is best to prepare a reflector, there is really no way to use white cardboard as a reflector! The light can be strong or weak, and the direction of the light is very important. There is no way to make a long introduction here, so I can only go to Baidu to search for some articles and research or buy some photography books.
7. Composition
Composition! This is very important, the composition must be clear! What is your core idea, if it is a doll! Don’t have too many messy things involved, if you want to show your doll, don’t focus on unimportant parts! 8. Post-processing
Recommended use: Photoshop
1. Use Photoshop to crop the photo to make the composition of the photo clearer.
2. Exposure, simply put, is the brightness of the photo!
3. Contrast is very important to the visual effect. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer the image and the brighter the color; while the lower the contrast, the whole picture will be gray. High contrast is very helpful for image clarity, detail performance, and gray level performance.
4. Saturation, it can bring back life to your dull photos! Or you want literature and art. Can also be made in black and white.