Elaine – Real Life Size Lovely TPE Sex Doll

Elaine is a real life size lovely TPE sex doll. She is a stunning, petite beauty with alluring curves and captivating features. She stands at 4ft 9in tall and has a realistic body that is both soft and life-like. Her smooth, realistic skin is made of TPE, a hypoallergenic and body-safe material that is both soft and durable. Her face is a perfect mix of innocence and beauty, with captivating brown eyes and a delicate nose. She has a full body of soft, realistic blonde hair.

Elaine is an incredibly versatile sex doll. She has 3 entrances for sexual pleasure, an inviting and realistic vagina, an anus and a mouth. Her body is perfect for a variety of sexual activities, and she is able to hold any position you desire. Her breasts are soft and inviting, and her tight body is perfect for exploring.

Elaine is a perfect companion for anyone who is looking for a real-life size sex doll. She is incredibly lifelike and realistic, and her body is perfect for a variety of sexual activities. She is also incredibly durable and body-safe, making her a great choice for anyone looking for a long-term partner. With her beauty and sensuality, she is sure to bring plenty of pleasure and excitement to your bedroom.

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