Miracle, The Couple Enjoy Living with The Sex Doll

She is a real sex doll, human size high. She has vagina, anus, mouth and the most important, her body is filled with the TPE lifelike flesh. Extremely soft touch.


The man brought her home two years before marriage. Just like most men in the busy schedule, he would not have the time and energy for a new relationship. Thanks for the sex doll, the daily life doesn’t go to the boring road. Till met the soul mate, his wife, everything turn to be embarrassed.

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The third girl was discovered in his house, that was easy, he did not hide her under the bed or put her in the closet deliberately. He asked his wife if she wants to try. She held the doll’s arm, then pinched the cheek. “It seems so hard to hate her” The new wife laughed. Besides the awkwardness first time, the new wife kept curious and open. He explained seriously why he bought her, removed the conventional stereotype on the sex doll.

The new wife confessed that she did not agree on the doll fetish. But the doll is like a virtual friend, she would be glad to dress her. Then there was nothing that brought the real doll into our relationship.