How to dispose of your sex doll

There are 3 options for sex doll owners looking to dispose of or recycle their doll


Option 1: Put her in the trash or dump

This is option is the least glamorous but probably the most convenient and simplest way to dispose of your used sex doll.  Many municipalities in developed countries have designated places for people to throw away their junk, commonly known as dumps.  You can discreetly package your doll up and leave her there to be taken to the landfill.

If the local dump is not an option for you, you can put her in the normal garbage pickup.  If you do this, it is recommended that you partially dissemble your doll and place her parts in discreet opaque black garbage bags.  

Option 2: Ship her to a used sex doll recycling service

When there is a problem, typically this free market provides a solution. 

Option 3: Sell her to someone looking for a used sex doll

This may not be for everyone, but there is a market for real doll used before.  A good place to start when exploring this option is the Doll Forum for Buying and Selling Sex Dolls.  You can create an account on the forums to browse listings and get a feel for how it works.  Basically you’ll create a listing about your used sex dolls for sale with a description and photos of your doll.  You can then connect with potential buyers and discuss details of the sale.