The Age of Robotic Sex Dolls As Sexual Partners Is Approaching?

Sexual robots become more human in terms of appearance, attributes, and intelligence. Because more and more people begin to have sex with them. Because they are the epitome of perfect women or men. It is expected that by 2050, sex with robot sex toys will be more common than humans.
Do you know that two-thirds of men are willing to make love with robot sex dolls? Can you imagine your love for robot sex dolls? As you saw in China Daily and Western World. If you do not do this, you may need to know more about sex robots.
At first, many people thought that robotic adult sex doll was only suitable for weird men. Having one is considered to be morally wrong and disgusting. However, in this matter, people have become more understanding and considerate.

Last year, one survey involved 3,000 Twitter users, and 20% claimed that “robot doll lovers will make real women obsolete.” Another 10% claim that “other” men may choose artificial intelligence dolls. Not a woman in real life, but definitely not.
Devlin is a senior lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of London’s King’s College. Devlin said: “Sex is a human nature, it can be a good mapping of artificial intelligence.” “In artificial intelligence, there is a driving force toward a certain goal or behavior. This is a bit like human creatures. Need to multiply and spread our DNA.
Even three years ago, when she began to study the integration of sex, artificial intelligence and robotics, many people in academia were studying this topic. Now society and technology seem to be mature and ready for sex robots. In recent years, people’s interest in sex robots has greatly increased, and the creation of “cold Fara” and ultra-lifelike sex doll like the rape-fantasy robot continue to be criticized by ethicalists.

Sex robots evolved from traditional humanoid dolls. The result is a large number of excited people, or simply painful to imagine putting your genitals anywhere. Devlin said that we need to bring it back to the field of technology, where there is more abstraction, personalization, and accessibility. In the same way, the vibrator also has a hundred cartoon colors and shapes. “Robot” sex dolls are also available.
We can tailor personalized sexual partners for our future, but can we really love them? Devlin told me that it depends on how far you are willing to see the future. She said: “This may not be the same as what we feel about other people, but of course I don’t think that love must be rewarded.” “People always love people, but they don’t necessarily give it back to them.” If we can feel love for inanimate objects, even friends we know on the Internet, why not find a suitable robot sex doll?”

The development of robot dolls is very rapid. This is also the inevitable trend of the development of the era. Robotic dolls have also been criticized by opponents as a moral and ethical demise.
The complexity of human relationships has caused many people to deal with their relationships with others every day, leaders, colleagues, friends, and wives… The irritability of human relationships is justified. Therefore, in order to seek the quiet ocean in your heart, it would be a very wise decision to use a sex doll as your sexual partner.