Current Situation And Prospect of Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic sex doll seems not a new thing nowadays. Anyway, Men start to get a sex doll just like the little girl fond of Barbies. You must exclaim for the hyper simulation human copy doll. Even the physical characteristics have been molded like a real human.

Maybe you think what I said is the exaggeration. Here are some photos of life like sex dolls that you might confuse which is natural or fake human.

They are all beauties among the crowd. And these elaborate sex dolls are made from high-quality silicone or TPE. Not like the inflatable dolls before, it has outstanding durability. It is striking resemblance to the real human flesh.

I am not sure if the prototype of the sex doll is designed as per the popular celebrities. But they are truly amazing. Not everyone has the fortune to get a beautiful celebrity as a partner. But you can have a equal features doll. That is not bad, right?

Though some people deemed it weird and lewd to play with a life-size sex doll. The human oughtn’t to take the natural sexual pleasures into artificial activities. Men have raised questions, girls can be pleased themselves by making use of vibrators, why the male cannot use sex doll, after all, it is one of the sex toys for masturbation.

Majority of sex dolls or torsos are used mainly for sexual needs and masturbation. There are other parts of people would like to get good accompany from adult sex doll.