Is oil from silicone dolls harmful to health?

70% of adult products in the world are produced in China, and silicone dolls are one of them, some of which are even more beautiful than real people. Sexy, beautiful and pure and healing, she is the dream lover of many men.

As long as there is a need, the image of the doll appears in a variety of interesting ways. So is the oil of silicone dolls harmful to health, and is the oil of silicone dolls harmful? Let’s find out.

Genuine silicone dolls are normal and harmless to the human body, but they are absolutely not edible. In the production process of silicone dolls, in order to make the skin of the dolls more realistic, they need to be made of silicone oil when the temperature reaches zero, so the silicone dolls produced will appear oily. If you find that oil comes out, you can wash it directly or add shower gel to wash it clean, wash it and dry it and apply talcum powder.

Silicone oil has been widely used in various industries. It is one of the non-toxic and odorless silicone products. It comes from a chemical substance that does not conflict with any substance. After the oil is released, it can be directly washed with water, and there is no cleaning agent. questionable.

If the oil keeps coming out, you can wash it frequently. Silicone dolls require diligent maintenance and more talcum powder, so that their performance will not be affected. When purchasing, it is recommended that you must choose a regular manufacturer, and do not lose money for the sake of being cheap.