Can the silicone doll be burned? Has anyone recycled the silicone doll?

When it comes to adult products, many people think of inflatable dolls. In fact, inflatable dolls are not popular anymore. Physical dolls are more popular. There are various shapes of physical dolls. There are also some anime dolls, which are very suitable for collection.

The material of physical dolls is mainly silicone Materials and tpe materials, among which silicone dolls are more popular. Some people are ready to use silicone dolls, because silicone dolls are relatively large and do not know how to deal with them. So can the silicone doll be burned? Has anyone recycled the silicone doll? Below is a detailed answer to this question.

The silicone doll can be burned, but if it is not a regular silicone doll, it may produce toxic substances after burning, and the smell is also unpleasant, which is polluting to the environment. If the silicone doll is directly thrown into the trash can, this It’s more embarrassing, and it’s more scary if it’s at night. In fact, there are these processing methods:

1. You can sell it on second-hand platforms, which can also save yourself some losses.
2. Or for those who need it on some platforms, send it directly to others.
3. It can be given to people who open clothing stores, so that the silicone doll can be used as a mannequin.

Silicone dolls are generally not recyclable, but if they are tpe dolls, some people may recycle them, because the tpe material itself can be reused and can be injection molded. But if it is made of other impurities, it cannot be recycled.