How to clean the silicone doll?

Among the adult products on the market, silicone dolls are more popular. As the name suggests, silicone dolls are mainly made of silica gel, and silica gel has strong adsorption properties and is easy to become dirty. Many friends often encounter the problem of silicone dolls turning black.

silicon sex doll

It needs to be cleaned, and many friends do not know the method of cleaning. So how to clean the black silicone doll, and how to clean the silicone doll? Below is a detailed answer to this question.

There are many methods for blackening and cleaning silicone dolls:
1. You can apply some white toothpaste where there are black spots, and then brush hard with a brush, so that it can generally be washed clean.
2. Apply some detergent to the black spot, then sprinkle a little water, and gently scrub it.
3. You can also wipe the black spots with alcohol, which can also be removed.

The method of cleaning silicone dolls is also relatively simple. You can directly clean them with general detergents, such as washing powder. Do not scratch with your fingernails when washing, otherwise you may scratch the surface of the doll. After washing, dry the doll, put it in a cool and dry place to air dry, and then apply prickly heat powder evenly on the surface, so that the surface of the silicone doll will feel smooth and delicate.

When storing silicone dolls, pay attention to these:
1. Do not keep the silicone doll standing for a long time. It is recommended to store it lying down.
2. Do not wear dark clothes for the silicone doll during storage, which can prevent the silicone doll from staining, which will be difficult to clean later.