Is It True That Sex Dolls Can Spread STDS?

Walk into a sex toy store and you’ll find an array of colorful fake penises, earplugs, vibrators and sex dolls.Whether you choose a vibrator or a very realistic sex doll, follow the same rules: use protection and cleanliness.Sex dolls are still sex toys, no matter how complex they become with technology.

Sex toys can bring people pleasure, different sexual experience, in pursuit of new stimulation, people are constantly taking risks, from vibrators to silicone sex dolls, looking for the most exciting experience.Sometimes they share their sex toys with others.This increases the risk of contracting STDS.In order to understand whether silicone sex dolls can spread sexually transmitted diseases, we need to fully understand the way silicone sex doll and venereal transmission.

Somehow, we began to believe that we could only get STDS if we had sex with someone else.It’s not true.You can also become infected by using Shared sex toys that have not been properly cleaned.

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If the sex toy material is porous and the virus can be hidden inside, a basic cleaning may not be enough.Even with a non-porous toy, it can spread sexually transmitted infections if it is used on someone else.Toys without holes have no place for bacteria to hide, so the only way they can spread is by not cleaning.

Non-porous materials include pure silica gel, stainless steel, glass, ceramics and medical grade plastics.Meanwhile, porous materials include elastomers, jelly toys, latex, vinyl, rubber and other materials that may feel more real.Because they provide a more authentic feeling.However, viruses and bacteria can enter the pores of these artifacts, increasing their biological life span and making sex toys dangerous.

Sex dolls on the market are mainly made of silica gel or TPE material.Although silicone toys are considered non-porous, they are actually microporous and stick to smells.So regular cleaning of sex dolls is often not enough, and you need to do something else.


If you want to share your realistic sex doll with your best friend, reject your friend and stop acting stupidly.Vaginas and semen can also spread sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS, chlamydia and gonorrhea.Blood and anal toys can spread hepatitis b and HIV.Hepatitis is a major risk because it can live longer outside the body.Sex dolls are like lovers, we need to treat them like lovers, refuse to share, be selfish, and be healthy.

Even if you don’t share realistic sex dolls with people, over time, they nourish bacteria, so regular cleaning is essential.You can wash and soak them in soapy water, or use an antiviral or antibacterial cleanser.There is a kind of realistic sex doll on the market that can remove the vagina. It is very convenient to clean it. You just remove the vagina from the realistic sex doll’s body and then wash the vagina with soapy water.If it’s made of silica gel, you can boil it and eliminate bacteria completely.