Meet Your Girl(Sex Doll) at on Father’s Day

In order to welcome the upcoming Father’s Day. sexrealdoll website is preparing father’s day promotion.Specified 5 sex dolls can have a discount of 15%, very affordable, this discount opportunity is not often met, so if you are sex doll fans,must seize the opportunity, not to be missed!Next, let’s take a look at the five sex dolls on sale.

1.Edith-158cm Tan Skin Close Eyes Silicone Sex Doll

sex doll

What makes this silicone sex doll special is that her eyes can be closed or open.The eyes of other ordinary silicone sex dolls can only be opened forever, and they can also be opened when sleeping at night.If, on a dark night, a silicone sex doll is mistaken for a silicone sex doll because of the light, it is a truly terrifying thing, so the timid must avoid it.

This silicone sex doll has the same body structure as other silicone sex dolls, which can provide the craziest sexual stimulation for men and meet their sexual needs.

2.Cindy-5.18ft Silicone Sex Doll

sex doll

Cindy is a sweet and cute sex doll.The perfect face shape, attractive lips and eyes, and the attractive breasts, are straight and soft.Realistic sex dolls are usually made from high-quality medical grade macromolecular organic silicon.Can simulate skin, soft and elastic.

3.Amy-153cm Silicone Sex Doll

Sex Doll

Amy is a very beautiful girl. She looks very sexy and attractive with an e-cup.This is a very realistic sex doll that can give you a very profound and unforgettable experience.She can play any sexy and fun game, role-playing or bundled with you.

4.Debbie -153cm Silicone Sex Doll

Sex Love Doll

Debbie is a bikini-lover, and even wearing a red bikini, she has a lovely style.White skin and long blond hair set off her noble and cool temperament, delicate makeup, beautiful face, it is a goddess.

5.Lena-145cm Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

Although Lena is small, she still can’t hide her plump figure.The round fat butt is very attractive.Carbon-gray skin appears very healthy and energetic.Realistic sex dolls are the perfect epitome of real women in life, so go to the world of realistic sex dolls and meet the “she” in your mind.

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