How to resolve sexual desire differences in sexual relationships

Differences in desire can severely affect a relationship, such as when one partner consistently has a higher (or lower) sexual desire than another. Others of us may just experience various fluctuations in sexual desire in our lives, and these fluctuations do not always coincide with the sexual desire or interests of our partners.

Perform different sexual or sensual activities without necessarily being penetrating. For example, participants described ways to try different sexual activities, such as oral sex, manual stimulation, masturbating realistic sex dolls together, or trying to get themselves or their partners into emotions. Some participants in this category also stated that they choose to maintain a close relationship with a partner without having to have sex with a partner, such as hugging or holding hands.

By staying in touch, talking with our partner about our sexual interest even real sex doll (or lack of sexual interest), why this is the case, and making joint decisions about how and when to have sexual activity in the future will lead to the greatest opportunity for sexual fulfillment. These strategies can even make couples closer and more connected, even if they do not eventually have sex.