How to distinguish the pros and cons of TPE physical dolls?

The sales of TPE material entity dolls are increasing in the industry, and the hardness and ratio of TPE materials used by different manufacturers are also slightly different, which also leads to different oil production. Here are a few simple ways to tell the difference with the naked eye.

1. Observe the skin surface of the TPE physical doll
TPE materials are recyclable. For some scraps or waste products, some manufacturers will recycle them for secondary fusion. It can be identified by observing the color of the skin surface of the doll:

The skin color of the one-time forming product is translucent and shiny; while the surface of the recycled material is blue-black, it looks like there is a layer of ash floating on the surface and cannot be wiped off.

2. Smell the smell of the TPE physical doll
The TPE material itself has a smell, so when it is unpacked, it will generally have a smell. A good TPE physical doll will be much lighter after being cleaned and dried, or even a little “body fragrance”; the smell of inferior materials It is even heavier, and some manufacturers will add fragrance to cover the original taste. There are natural flavors and industrial flavors in flavors. If industrial flavors are added, the smell will be even more unpleasant, and the smell of inferior flavors will be difficult to reduce to the level of “body fragrance” after cleaning.

3. Oil seepage on the surface
The surface of the TPE solid doll will be oily (the degree of oil production has a lot to do with the quality of the TPE material). Usually, the new doll will be slightly oily in about a month, but the inferior material will be stored in a very short time. Oil seepage occurs, and the smell is pungent, and unqualified TPE materials may even rot.

Due to the relatively cheap price of TPE materials, there have been more and more dolls made of TPE materials on the market in the past two years. Most of the half-length dolls and partial molds are also made of TPE materials. It is the first choice of many baby friends who are just getting started or have a low budget. Therefore, I will teach you a few simple ways to distinguish the quality of TPE materials. I hope that all doll friends can choose the TPE physical dolls that they are satisfied with.