Several prone problems of TPE sex dolls

The physical sex doll is a TPE polymer material, designed and manufactured according to the one-to-one design of real people. It has a skin and a bionic skeleton at the same time, an adult product that feels very realistic. The quality of the product is very different from that of an inflatable sex doll! Due to the realism of physical sex dolls, it is very good to take pictures with various clothes, so how to avoid all kinds of small problems encountered by sex dolls in this process?

Q: Dyeing bears the brunt! (staining, fading, etc.)
A. Regarding dyeing, we must first treat the root cause and then treat the symptoms. The underlying logic, is the clothes a fabric that is easy to decolorize? (Soak the washing powder in water for 10-20 minutes to see if there is fading) If there is no fading, focus on it! There is no guarantee of no staining at all, just that the staining may be reduced! Because the underlying logic is: the sex doll will produce oil (TPE sex doll is used here as an example). If you want to control it during this period, then you need to [timely powder the sex doll to protect the sex doll, and then wear clothes] to reduce the probability of staining.

B. If the clothes fade after soaking in water, and you still like the faded clothes, you have to deal with the clothes first, [soak a few spoonfuls of salt water for an hour, and a treasure will open it by itself to search for flesh-colored bottoming shirts] Double the safety blessing and reduce the probability of staining

[In fact, white clothes are the safest, it is best to wear white to save all troubles]

Q: The waist frame is broken! (various skeleton breaks)
A. Regarding the fracture of the waist skeleton, you should first ask yourself whether you understand the origin of the skeleton. It’s like we can’t spin behind our own hands. Although sex dolls can simulate about 85% of the real poses (of course, the imitation of the yoga skeleton is higher now, it can basically reach 96%), but every shopping has a force point. Focus! Keep in mind:

Extend your legs without bending over, bend your waist and extend your legs first; if you want to shrug your shoulders, you must shrug your shoulders

The side bend has a range, and the right angle cannot be touched; if you want the baby to stand upright, you must hit the standing nail

B. If you like to unlock new poses, it is best to use [Yoga Skeleton] to avoid irreversible damage to the skeleton caused by excessive range. The same is true for the baby girl party, the yoga skeleton is at your mercy, there is nothing wrong with it. For more gear skeletons, double-joint skeletons, star skeletons, etc., each has its own advantages and disadvantages, detailed comparison, you can privately message me to explain

Q: The knotted wig is so miserable! (All kinds of combs can’t be opened, and the hair will shed when they are combed)
A. The price of wigs for real hair is generally over 1,000, and it must be properly handled. [Apply conditioner to dry hair, comb until smooth in different areas, do not rub, rinse with water and arrange for conditioning when necessary hair element]

B. High-temperature silk wigs, the quality is so good that you can refer to the real hair care method, or you can buy [wig care solution]. In fact, it is not bad. If it is a wig of particularly poor quality, I directly suggest you to throw it away after using it for a while. . It doesn’t make much sense, after all, it’s only 10 or 20 yuan to buy the newest one [this depends on the quality conscience of each manufacturer]

Q: The face is so ugly! (TPE head carving makeup looks off)
A. It is already an insurmountable gap for TPE to remove makeup. This is still a matter of product molecular structure and craftsmanship. Of course, if there is love and research, you can come up with a set of TPE without makeup method, maybe major manufacturers will come to pay. A small part of the makeup is off, and it is ok to remedy it by yourself. If you really can’t, wash your head and find a girl with a head carving to help you with makeup. Of course, some manufacturers offer makeup repair services. [Cosmetics, real products can be used, no special requirements]

B. Silicone removes makeup. It is said that silicone does not remove makeup. In fact, there are occasional phenomena during use. 4 layers / 6 layers / 8 layers still have some influence on the durability of the makeup, so don’t panic when you encounter problems.

Q: The chest and buttocks are deformed! (deformation of various thick meat)
A. Small problem, drizzle, whether it is long-term storage or new receipt, there will be such occasional situations, squeezing during transportation, fixed posture for daily storage, etc. [Take it out, put it in another posture, Avoid the deformed part, about 2-5 days to recover to the same extent] How to prevent it? Buy a fart pad if you sit for a long time, and your chest is easy to be pressed, so don’t face down. Is it simple? Will it be?

B. It’s definitely not okay to stay in one position for a long time, you will be tired, not to mention sex dolls, so [tired sitting, lying down, lying down, leaning, those who have standing can stand, those with hooks are the best Hanging] Proper maintenance will make the sex doll stay with you longer.