Can silicone dolls be soaked in hot water?

When it comes to silicone, I believe everyone is familiar with it. There are many silicone products, and they can also be made into dolls. Silicone dolls also need to be sterilized after they are bought. Some friends want to use hot water to sterilize them, but I don’t know if this will work. So can the silicone doll be soaked in hot water, and can the silicone doll be scalded with boiling water? Below is a detailed answer to this question

Silicone dolls can be soaked in hot water, that is to say, silicone dolls can be scalded with boiling water, because silicone itself is a high-temperature resistant material, and the heat-resistant temperature is 250 degrees to 300 degrees, so there is no problem. In addition to using hot water, you can also wipe with alcohol, iodophor and other disinfectants. After wiping, rinse with water and wipe off the water.

It is recommended that when you choose a silicone doll, you should look at the material:
1. All silicone dolls, this silicone doll has a high degree of simulation. Whether it is body or head carving, the price is not cheap. It also has the advantage of less oil production, refreshing to the touch, and not easy to dye and taste. Also small and almost tasteless. The disadvantage is that the touch is relatively hard, and once damaged, the repairability is poor.

2. TPE silicone doll, this is a relatively common silicone doll, the price is relatively cheap, because TPE can be used twice, with high softness and strong repairability, that is to say, if it is damaged, you can use special Patches to repair damage to dolls. The disadvantage is that it is easy to oil, and you need to apply talcum powder to improve this problem.