How to carry the sex doll?

How to handle the real doll, this is a lot of new users have encountered the problem, because the physical doll is really heavy, generally there are 30kg. Why are real sex dolls so heavy? Hold your wife 50kg can easily hold up, and a doll less than 30kg, but feel than 50kg of the living still heavy. This is because hold your wife, the wife can cooperate you, bear force dispersive to the whole body, and love doll is the article that won’t move, hold in the arms to bear uneven, cannot find balance feeling. And also dare not hold it by force, lest it should be damaged by accident.

You don’t have to worry about this problem, you just need to communicate with the sex doll, how to carry her will be solved naturally and it is a good opportunity to exercise your body, not only to build a hard steel gun, but also to build a strong body. But for beginners, it’s time to catch up today. How to handle sex dolls (the correct way is as follows…)

Eight claw fish hug: Fuck the pose you know? Namely eight claw fish type embrace, the girl is hook a boy’s neck, double legs hook a boy’s waist, you should be hug her arse, very romantic (recommend the most save labor method) hold the doll face to face, let the doll double legs ring your waist, both hands hook your head! You put your hands on the doll’s arse. Princess hug: Sit and move, lifting your hands around your neck. It takes less effort. That is, the princess hold, the doll will not take the initiative to hold your neck, so the doll’s hand on your neck, so that it is easy to get better.

realistic sex doll

Conclusion: the above positions can be learned, there is always a suitable for you, bend the knee joints, princess hold suitable for a bath to the bathroom. Change clothes if the princess held on her legs, wearing silk stockings or clothes can cope, fall back straight forward on the line, put on clothes in the top and hair.