How many kinds of games do you know about stockings?

90% of men around the world love stockings almost. And that 10% may be different in sexual orientation. It can be said that the stockings conquered the hearts of men all over the world by glamorous women.

A Christian church spokesperson at the end of the Middle Ages said: The looming chest under the tulle is the door to hell. I think he said the true meaning of pornography, but the focus is not on the chest, but on the looming. The reason why stockings will make men want desire is that although it covers the legs, it shows the lines of the legs, and it can also reveal the flesh color slightly, and it has the essence of looming.
Many men like to smash the stockings, and the sound of a complete stocking “snap” tearing is always very exciting. The shredded stockings are beautiful, and when the last layer of fig leaf is ripped off, only the most primitive low-lying can be heard.

In fact, in addition to tearing stockings, there are other ways to play! And listen to me one by one:

01, bundled – instead of rope

Bundling does not necessarily use a real rope, and the stockings that are taken off can be used in the midfield, such as binding. The stockings are soft and the binding does not hurt the body. It’s also easy to use, it doesn’t require specific skills like a rope, conquering and being conquered, all in between.

02, gag – instead of mouth plug

If you like to watch the 007 series, you will feel that the scene setting of capturing a spy will be so sexy.

As a controller, you must not want the spy to scream in the capture to attract other troubles. At this time you need a mouth plug, maybe she just wears a pair of stockings, that is the best props, in the eyes of the spy surprised and frightened What you can get is not just intelligence…

You may have doubts when you see this, and say a good one! It seems that there is a lot of shrinking! The so-called wisdom of the masses is infinite, so ah! In fact, today is just to throw bricks and jade. About the rest of the more than 90 kinds, you leave a message to discuss the exchange of experience!

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