How long is the service life of the doll

Now the real doll is more and more realistic, and the real person, the price is not cheap, so before the purchase of dolls before the life of the real doll is a matter of concern to doll friends, how long is the life of your real doll?


Correct answer: good maintenance changes commonly in 5 to 10 years no problem.

The service life of tpe dolls is generally about 5 years.

The service life of silicone solid doll is generally about 10 years or even more palm time. Click on the picture to see the price of love doll.

Doll service life also has a lot to do with physical doll maintenance.

Maintenance may be less than a year you want to change, such as dyeing, oil, decay and you use maintenance updates, just like buying the same car, good maintenance of 10 years as new, maintenance is not good to open a two or three years on the bad.

Physical doll is not cheap, so the purchase of dolls must carefully care for her.


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