How is sex doll brothel going around the world?

It is no longer taboo to talk about sex now, but there are also people and regions that are conservative in folk customs. While the United States, China, and Japan are the world’s largest countries producing adult sex toys, the sex culture and sex dolls market has also become more diversified, and the more popular doll brothels have affected many countries. Also because of different national conditions and policy issues. It has been hit by different degrees.

Recently, Hong Kong’s first doll brothel was announced to be closed after two months of operation. And the store’s operators were also arrested by the police. During the operation of this store, customers spend about a few dozen dollars to spend an hour in the brothel with several life size sex dolls offered.

Of course, in order to ensure health and hygiene, they will soak the used sex dolls with disinfectant. Many people feel that such behavior is the same as supporting rape. It is precisely because of this factor that the doll brothel is actually rejected by the majority. I  suppose that it is  the sex doll business and its target audience who do really supported .

Although China is one of the major countries in the world of sex dolls manufacture ,  unlike the system of Hong Kong in China,  it is impossible for a doll to be a brothel under the strict institutional rules of the mainland.

Europe’s first doll brothel was opened in Barcelona,  ​​as the cancellation of the venue for the sale and sale was forced to move to an address known only to customers.  Similar businesses have been found in England,  Italy and Finland.

Because we live in a world of prostitution and erotic culture, the movement of sex dolls is more like the materialization of the female body, naturally giving the ethical and moral suppression of the sex doll brothel. So what is it going to happen next?