More and more Chinese girls are using sex toys, um… I think it’s a good thing!

 An adult products company released a survey report,  Strikingly, the report mentioned that Chinese female consumers of sex toys are dramatically improving.

For instance, 63 percent of vibrators on their company was purchased by women, and the average price of female-bought lubricants was four times higher than male-bought lube, it said.

As Scientific Investigation Shows, the Chinese female sex toy market is indeed rising. More and more Chinese women are treating themselves to dildos, vibrators, electric butterflies and so forth.  Many comments on the item pages to share their experiences and sensations and some even dare to publicly discuss their purchases on social media.

In a relatively conservative country like China, I’m glad to see that women, in particular, are now more open to sex-related topics and purchases. For thousands of years, Chinese have regarded sex as a taboo that most people are reluctant to talk about.

I’m glad to see that a growing number of younger Chinese women no longer regard sex as something dirty or wrong. With the help of sex toys and e-commerce, we can put aside any pregnancy, health or purity concerns and simply enjoy a good orgasm whenever the mood strikes us.

Only when we are ready to entertain ourselves and take care of our own bodies without worrying about being judged by men, we will achieve a fairly open, civilized and healthy society.