High End Love Doll Exhibition in Shibuya & New York

Exhibition in Shibuya

Mentioning realistic sex dolls must not neglect Japanese oriental industry, it can be said to be the weight figure in the world of love dolls.
Sexual appetite is the normal motivation, just like the appetite for food. This is very important! In Japan, the culture surrounding sex is particularly developed. For example, there are places like … In Japan, a variety of sexual behaviors are being sold. But for some people, they may be hesitant when it comes to women.

Exhibition in New York

Simply put, there are many people who are not very good at women. More and more men seem to have difficulty developing relationships. And the sex dolls don’t complain, they are quiet and easy to get along with.

The American photographer Laurie Simmons likes to make people’s still life anthropomorphic and create a story scene with nostalgic and beautiful colors.

The latest work “THE LOVE DOLL” puts sex dolls into real life scenes and plays various roles. Lifelike dolls seem to have human feelings, which makes people feel the lonely and empty. sense. You can almost bring you into the scene of living with the doll and feel the feeling of having a doll.

Since receiving a high-end love doll custom-made from Japan in 2009, she has begun to record her photography relationship with real dolls. According to the chronological record, she gradually made her works have adult fantasy and obsession, and there are more clear desires and regrets.