Hackers will use sex robots to kill their owners

With the highly developed social industrial civilization, in the near future, the spiritual world and the fall of mankind have fallen to the bottom. When the mind and desire are severely challenged, the smart sex doll will come into being. They have all the characteristics of a human male. The purpose of inventing them is to serve as a venting tool for women and homosexuals. This looks like a scene in science fiction, but it is possible.

It is said that after a few decades, artificial intelligence can reach a level similar to humans, and it is even possible to take over the entire planet. And they will also be the most dangerous killers around.Cyber security experts warn that hackers may order robotic sex dolls to kill their partner or lover.

The operating system used by sex robots is similar to a computer or mobile phone. When these systems are connected to the network, they may be attacked by hackers. Then manipulate their actions. Especially when realistic sex dolls become more common, it will inevitably lead to a revolution in society and technology, and we cannot ignore the moral problems caused by sexual robots to interpersonal relationships. Once we allow productive robots to live together, their special existence will likely be exploited to perform physical actions or harm others.