Don’t middle-aged and elderly people recommend buying silicone dolls?

In many people’s eyes, physical dolls seem to be purchased only by young people, because many of them are energetic, need to vent, and need to communicate sexually and emotionally. And some young people are in the period of work development, too busy, have no time to make a girlfriend, and some are due to limited economic conditions, girlfriend is difficult to find, so they will choose to buy physical silica gel doll as a girlfriend, to vent their desire, fill the emotional blank.

As a result, it is said that middle-aged people, because of their weak health and lack of energy, do not recommend buying silicone dolls, and few people will buy. But is this really the case?

Let’s just look at the Numbers:

According to relevant statistics, the purchase of physical silicone doll customers, over 70% are all middle-aged and elderly! Isn’t that a little unexpected? This data shows the passion and attention of middle-aged and elderly people in purchasing physical silica gel dolls. Moreover, it is confirmed with objective data information that the middle-aged and elderly people are definitely more suitable to buy silica gel dolls, and there is no such thing as inappropriate.

Talk with examples:

After a middle-aged uncle in Japan got divorced, he always felt that he was not happy in his life. Every time he came back home after work, it was cold and there was no popularity, and no one listened to his thoughts. Therefore, he spent more than 50,000 yuan online to buy a physical silicone doll as his other half. After she got the doll, the uncle took good care of it, dressed her every day, massaged her in the bathroom, and took the “silicone wife” to sleep together, touching each other’s face, which made the uncle feel very satisfied, more spirit than before.

Speak with emotion:

We talked about the middle-aged Danish couple whose daughter died in a car accident two years ago, and they were sad for a long time. For a long time now, when they opened their eyes, they were missing their beautiful daughter. They also thought about having a baby again. Considering age and physical condition, a second pregnancy is not a reality, and the physical silicone doll satisfies their deficiency.

If you are an old friend, please don’t for the elderly is not recommended to buy the doll that speech and misled the most key is: what kind of goods, if appropriate, is your own business, is your own background and decision making, why listen more judgmental of others, why want to let others to own life path and happiness?