Digital Love under the Robot Frenzy

In today’s computer world, people miss the interaction between people. According to a 2017 survey, more than half of the people in the United States expect to be able to live with sex robots in the next 50 years. What will sex robots develop into by then?

Like Joe of the artificial intelligence starring Jude Law, he is a very good robot, as a robot programmed to display a variety of attractive behaviors, proficient in attractive techniques, accompanied by a variety of transformations and body movements. It is a mixture of many things, a combination of organic and real doll, as well as romance and futurism.

We are about to usher in a robotic frenzy. Humans have already felt under control in the ever-evolving robotics, but in fact they are increasingly relying on these “mechanics.” We expect robots to do anything for us. They are far more than expected as robotic assistants. They are expected to keep people entertained and to avoid human beings being alone.Sex robots are not just silicone sex doll with a microchip. They will use self-learning algorithms to engage their partner’s emotions.

Gradually, when this dependence and expectation reach the limit, there will be expectations of emotions, and entertainment and even love can be considered. You can say that he is a sex robot and his program is designed to provide fun and fulfill their ideas and expectations.

Artificial intelligence is actually a warning created and produced by human beings. These durable machines are hard to imagine how they will affect future generations. Fortunately, in this story, the protagonist of the robot has become humanized in the story. He learned to care about things other than himself.