Development of sex doll robot

Not just because of the love itself, but also to express the matter, the festival provides a good expression. Usually like dormant lovers, tacit haunt in the streets, holding hands and hugging, at any time may be ahead of the warning. The human fantasy of love never stops, if you still have time to check your phone on valentine’s day? So come on, who says technology doesn’t have the fun love you want?

The company, which is based in suburban SAN marcos, California, has announced that Harmony, a new sex doll robot, can not only talk but also move. Although Harmony’s head, eyeballs and lips look rather rough and conversational, it is an important part of a new robot revolution in which artificial intelligence (AI) is being incorporated into very human-like bodies. Harmony, founded by Matt Mc Mullen, also has humanoid robots in front of its reception desk, who are dressed in business attire rather than underwear like most toys, waiting to greet visitors, according to overseas tech reports.

The walls of the lobby are covered with pictures of beautiful women, until you look closely at them and realize that they are posters of inflatable dolls. With the increasing maturity of artificial intelligence, can the future “man-machine love” be popularized in reality? At linear toy retailer Neil Slater believes real sex doll robots will become the mainstream of the future. “Technology has always improved over time, and early robot toys still cost more than most people could afford,” he said.

We can configure the sex robot’s personality by using apps that can be built into the robot or independently, such as a virtual human on a smartphone or similar device. Users can choose from a variety of personalities, including temperament, anger and likability. You’ve chosen the “jealous” character for your sex doll robot, who always asks him to delete the girl from Facebook. All bespoke dolls, which resemble barbies with waists and hips and choppy breasts, cater to a particular aesthetic.

tpe sex doll

Sex robots have been around for seven years.From its development process, there is no doubt that it is moving towards the direction of more and more simulation, to simulate human emotions, mind, close to real people. However, the principle has always been to enhance the sexual experience, which can trigger an actual physical response through the brain, or a complete sexual experience in the brain, which is safe and free of the risk of sexual confusion and sexually transmitted diseases. Through this technology, humans can improve their sex lives. But along with it, there are many voices against the existence of sex robots.So are you for it or against it?