Do those who like Child-like Sex Dolls are Pedophiles?

We all have fantasy life and real life. In fact, we all know the difference between the two. Suppose some people don’t know the difference and you have the ability to identify them based on their purchase. This is not only a bad mentality, but also an unbridled arrogance of “moral superiority”.

Should we point out that those who buy child-like sex dolls do not let children approach those symptomatic people. Pedophilia is a mental illness that should be given more attention and treatment. Such a doll may be an important promoter of this crime.

Should mini sex dolls be banned. When buying a child-like appearance sex dolls for sexual desire, the desire to rape children will flood into the mind. There is no reason to argue that no one has proved that this is the emotional turmoil of the body, if it is really purchased If you have a sex doll, you should consult a psychiatrist, just as many countries punish pornography that holds pre-adolescent children. Child-like love dolls are in some sense such a violation of morality.

Pedophilia is a mental illness, and the purchase of child-like sex dolls is a clear symptom of this disease. Call it a trial of the Salem Witch, to enact laws prohibiting people from engaging in anti-social activities, and then implementing these laws, which is hardly a hunting. These people are at risk for people with OCD that they cannot control themselves. Identifying it as early as possible before they hurt someone and harming them for the rest of their lives or worse, should be the primary goal of the law on the subject.