Demand for sci-fi sex dolls surges

Avatar’s sex robot follows surge in demand for sci-fi sex dolls.Because sex dolls made by doll manufacturers are unique, they can provide a unique experience according to the tastes of customers. If you want something really weird and wonderful, it is actually limited only by your imagination and wallet .

As fictional sci-fi objects continue to appear, people’s fantasies about sci-fi alien realistic sex dolls have also grown.

Not only do we long for intimacy, we want more fantasies beyond reality. Intimacy is a core need of human beings, and it is the ability of a partner to read and interpret the sexual language of others. But the reality is limited, so developers have developed sex robots that can detect these sexual energy to maximize sexual intercourse, and the smartest designs can react like humans when handled in a specific way.

Although they have complex procedures, they look like a real human being, of course, based on the fact that you are buying a normal human image. But you can’t expect too much from artificial people, because artificial imitation often can only reciprocate. Although the technology is much more advanced, this method will not exist for a long time. In addition to reducing artificial loneliness, these robots are more likely Makes us more eager to meet people.

The intended purpose of the inventive robot may be over-fulfilled at some point. The whole idea is to achieve gender balance in society, but they are worried about the high demand growth, and humans may suffer severe desocialization after starting to use new robots, because men would rather insist on keeping in touch with the sex robots they always agree to not going out with a woman.