Paris Sex Doll Brothel Opens: Will The French Love It?

The first ever sex doll brothel has opened its doors to frisky Parisians, offering all kinds of ladies for their carnal pleasure.

A number of rooms are available for a sneaky liaison with one of the silicone babes.

life size sex doll

French Sex Doll Brothel is just behind UK establishment

The French are just behind the British, who opened their first sex doll brothel some weeks ago, in Gateshead, near Newcastle. Clients can ‘try before they buy’ – which is good news, since a high quality sex doll is not cheap.

Last year, a pop-up love doll brothel opens its doors in Amsterdam. Controversial Dutch television programme Spuiten en Slikken (Shoot and Swallow) was on-hand to open the unusual service.

Presenters of the off-beat TV show tried to get overseas visitors to make love to one of the dolls for 30 euros ($37); they wanted to see if sex with a doll was similar to a human lady.

Robot sex ‘normal’ in 30 years?

Spokesman Thijs Verheij said: ‘Scientists state that in 30 years it will be very normal to have sex with a robot.

‘With this experiment we want to run ahead of this and investigate how people see it now.’

Many other liberal European cities have also opened sex doll brothels – including in the Spanish city of Barcelona, the German city of Dortmund, and the Austrian capital Vienna.

And of course, Gateshead.

Some commentators, however, think having sex with dolls will remain a niche activity. One of the main issues is – where should you store the doll?

many people will say – “under the bed!”